23 Employers Share Job Applicant Deal-Breakers

Found on AskReddit.

1. E-mail Address

We once got a resume for a receptionist at an engineering firm and her email address was something like hotsexybunny69@hotmail.com. We, uh, we got her to come in for an interview. She didn’t get the job.

2. Not Reading The Application

Read the requirements of the application.

If I say, “Please submit a portfolio and resume in .pdf format or you will not be considered” and you don’t submit them as requested, your application goes right in the trash.

If you can’t follow the basic directions of the job application, why would I bother giving you a job.

3. An Unkempt Social Media Presence

Assume all prospective employers will check your social media output. If you don’t have your Facebook, G+, Twitter, tumblr, etc. accounts managed appropriately, what they find there will make a huge difference in how your application is handled.

Lock your social media down.

4. Showing Up Too Early

Showing up super early to an interview is almost as bad as showing up late. Don’t get here half an hour early, it’s awkward and I’m not ready for you yet.

By all means, get to the location of your interview as early as you like, but then chill in your car or go to a nearby coffee shop, then show up for your interview no more than 10 minutes early.


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