48 People Share The Darkest, Most Mind-Blowing Secret They Know About Someone But Can Never Tell, Until Now

36. coffeecakecat

I deliberately got close to girl in order to manipulate her to stop my bullies.

We were in high school, I was bullied and she’s influential. So I was extremely nice to her, made her laugh, shared my problems etc in hopes that she would stand up for me. I later grew to really like her (as a friend) and dropped my manipulation. We became really close.

10 years on we’re still best of friends and I don’t think she’ll forgive me if she knew. :(

37. Esmerelda7

A friend wanted to collect the money due her. So she and a few other girl friends went to the man’s house and knocked on his door demanding the money owed to be paid. The man refused to pay so much yelling and threats followed, the girls left. Neighbors called the police due to all the commotion and when police came to investigate the complaint they knocked on the door of the man, he opened with a gun in his hand and the police shot him. Dead. My friend is still riddled with grief years later.

38. not0your0nerd

When my mother found out I had been raped, she started crying and telling me about what happened to her. She had been sent to her grandparent’s house every summer starting in 8th grade. While she was there, every night her grandfather would rape her. She would beg to come home, and the next year beg to not go back, but she never told anyone why and so she always had to go. When he died she was the only one not in tears, and after everyone left she said she spat on his grave. She made me promise never to tell her mother.

39. Cei1119

My best friend almost tried to kill herself when she was 14. I only know because I happened to call her right before she went through with it to ask if she wanted to hang out. She sounded upset on the phone so I asked if she was alright. After she said yes, I said, “okay, love you!” and we hung up. The concern in my voice and the fact that I told her I loved her somehow made her change her mind. She didn’t tell me until 3 years ago and we’re 24 now.


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