48 People Share The Darkest, Most Mind-Blowing Secret They Know About Someone But Can Never Tell, Until Now

27. Applebuddha

Well my darkest is basically my whole ex girlfriend’s life. She was molested by her grandfather and if she told she was burned with cigars. (I found this out because I asked why she’s afraid of fire.) Her mother and father were meth cookers and I’m guessing users and crack heads and cooked while she was a baby. She was an avid heroin user with her ex girlfriend they also smoked that fake weed shit. She also threatened to kill herself a lot and refused help from anyone me and a couple of her friends knew about her suicidal tendencies and her cutting problem. And well that’s pretty much my darkest secret and it’ll probably kill her.

28. cassieloveseffie

My mother killed my grandfather. He didn’t have long left anyway and was in the care of my mum who is a former nurse. She gave him a morphine overdose because she couldn’t bare his suffering. My Grand Mother doesn’t know.

29. GreenGlassDrgn

He thinks his dad got thrown out of the country when he was little because of some obscure visa issue. What he doesn’t know is that the village he grew up in collectively decided more or less consciously that this was the story he’d be told, when in fact his daddy got thrown out for being an international drug dealer. The village has a reputation to keep, after all.

30. liberaljedi

My wife’s cousin got knocked up during a drug-fueled gangbang. She had no idea who half the guys were and obviously no idea who the father was. Her parents took the baby and have raised him as their own, telling him he was their late in life oopsy-baby. He’s now 12 and still thinks his mom is his sister and his grandparents are his parents.


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