48 People Share The Darkest, Most Mind-Blowing Secret They Know About Someone But Can Never Tell, Until Now

22. theCHAMPdotcom

Will get buried, but my best friend sent a text one Saturday when he was wasted saying, “I am sorry” I sped to his house to find him with the garage closed and car on. He was looking for a hose. I stopped him and made him stay with me the rest of the night.

23. strwbryshortck3

My friend ate a dead person.

24. failedidealist

An Ex girlfriend of mine was repeatedly raped and sexually humiliated by her older brother from the ages of 8-13. Her family knew it was going on and ignored it, until she tried to kill herself. Their solution was to send her away for 3 months, and then pretend it never happened after she returned.

Knowing this, and having to see him at all their family functions was hard, came very close to beating the shit out of him many times (he was an utter bastard for many other reasons too).

25. MuchthrowawayUgh

My dad’s hard drive crashed. He was extremely distraught because he thought he had lost pictures of his granddaughter being born, and my grandmother’s last visit before her death.

I decided to surprise him for his birthday by doing my best to recover his pictures. But for whatever reason, the recovery program I used couldn’t just pull files from My Docs. It had to scan the entire drive for a single file type.

Queue me having to dig through thousands of pictures of EXTREMEEEE BDSM. I’m not talking about just latex and whips, but punching and bleeding and blood and ugh.
Also saw my dad’s dick.

26. mysterecks

Not dark exactly. But I recently learned my older brother is what they call a submissive cuckolded chastity slave to his girlfriend and he finds black dudes to fuck her while she makes him watch.


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