48 People Share The Darkest, Most Mind-Blowing Secret They Know About Someone But Can Never Tell, Until Now

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Vinoth Chandar
Vinoth Chandar

1. Californiacat

My friend’s son believes his father and stepfather both had heart attacks and died around the same time. In reality, his real father was molesting him and his stepfather went to his house and shot him in the head and then committed suicide. It was all over the news and I always hope for his sake that he never Googles his fathers or step fathers names. To this day, he wants to be a heart surgeon so that no one else he loves will die of heart attacks.

2. keeok

I know a girl who is living in Oregon waiting for her stepfather to get out of jail so that they can get married. He’s in jail for having a relationship with a minor (her).

3. Madock345

One of my friends growing up told me his biological father was in prison. I later Googled his fathers name and found out he went to prison for producing and distributing child pornography… I’m pretty sure it was made with my friend and his siblings.

4. NamenRoodles

A friend of mine is the product of rape. He told me this one night when we were pretty drunk. He said his father told him after him and his mom got divorced, pretty much a fuck you, you aren’t my son type thing. Pretty shitty…

5. krissknife

My father has a secret child, I only know because she contacted me via Facebook. I don’t know if my stepmother knows, but I know no one else in my family knows because they cannot keep a secret to save their lives.

6. loveyours

My parents are cheating on each other. They both don’t know. My mom accidentally texted me a dirty message that wasn’t meant for me, and made me promise not to say anything to my dad. I had to use my dad’s phone a couple of weeks later when my phone died, and he got an inappropriate text from someone that wasn’t my mom, he made me promise not to tell my mom. I’ve been keeping this secret for 2 and a half years now, it’s torturous.

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