30 Insane Unsolved Mysteries (With Video Footage) That Will Keep You Up At Night

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Kevin Dooley
Kevin Dooley


The 1987 Max Headroom broadcast intrusion. The people involved have never been caught. A couple years ago a redditor claimed to have known who did it.


Ball Lightning. It’s by far the coolest natural phenomenon in existence, and has no explanation.


Man who calls UFOs.


Number stations. Theyre pretty weird and intriguing, especially the ones that have been broadcasting random things for decades, non-stop. It’s speculated it’s spy networks but nonetheless noone can say for sure, or knows what they mean.

For example, Ubv-72 has been broadcasting everyday, non stop since ’83.

Kevin Dooley
Kevin Dooley


The Atacama Humanoid – Tested at Stanford University to be 91% human DNA. Video evidence. More info.


I don’t know if this has been posted already, but the Fresno nightcrawler remains unexplained, as far as I know. And this shit is weird.



Someone may be able to explain this, but it is interesting either way.


The norway spiral. Most of norway saw it, captured on multiple cameras and plenty of photos. Explained as a “russian missile experiment” gone wrong. This is a good video of it. Really shows off the spiral spinning in one place.



Woman repeatedly moves objects without touching them, even when the objects are in glass cases, while under close observation, and even when they do a surprise visit to her house. They measured her heart rate, perspiration, and brain activity while she was performing these feats, and found they were at abnormal levels.

Wesley Eller
Wesley Eller


Not video, but audio; creepy as fuck. The Valentich Disappearance.


There is a man called the “Battery Man“. It’s pretty fucking amazing.


The Disney Ghost.


The Area 51 caller to Cost to Cost AM with art bell.


The first ever giant squid footage released earlier this year comes to mind. i expected it to sink a ship or fight a shark or something, but the footage doesn’t give much sense of its size or power. Still a mystery of the sea!



This video. The spectre lunges towards the camera at the bottom right, but makes a sudden direction change, disregarding the impulse that a physical object would have.


The Hampton Court Palace Ghost.



The Boy who lived before – incredible documentary about a boy who accurately describes living a past life at a location he has never been that when they search for it, exists down to the last detail described by the boy. Must watch.


The Paulding Light in Upper Michigan was on Unsolved Mysteries back when that show was still a thing. Video.



The Ourang Medan. Huge ship w/ captain & crew sent out distress call–American vessel picks up radio calls.
Man utters in bad english “everyone’s dead. We’re sinking. I die.”
When the Americans got to the vessel, it was in pristine condition but everyone on board was dead–dead with a look of horror on all of their faces.
It’s also said that they didn’t find anyone in the radio room which is particularly strange.

I know there’s no video evidence for this, but there is photographic evidence. I still find it very interesting.


Haven’t seen HAARP mentioned yet. My favorite mystery of the current age, because it involves government and weird unexplainable phenomenon. HAARP is a strange government antenna array associated with some seriously creepy atmospheric phenomenon. Video evidence starts around 3:12.


Not quite a “great mystery” but still a very very weird occurrence: Ursula and Sabina Eriksson Swedish twins exhibiting “shared psychosis” and behaving fucking terrifyingly.

Video. There’s a whole documentary out there somewhere called “Madness in the Fastlane.”


Levitating girl in Russian forrest.
Angel in Jakarta.
Weird angel-like creature in Catalonia, Spain.


Strange truck apears out of nowhere (0:57).

Kurt Nordstrom
Kurt Nordstrom


Horse meat rained from the sky in my state for 3-4 minutes.


The Patterson-Gimlin Film of a potentially unidentified Great Ape walking away from a creek bed in the American northwest, despite its overplay and parody, is still remarkable footage. The footage has never been “debunked” and the creature has never been officially identified as either a “Bigfoot” or a costumed man, or anything else.



Nobody has been able to debunk John Chang, a practitioner of meditation, who is able to do incredible things like shock people and set things on fire. Watch the video!


I hope this doesn’t get buried!! The UFO sightings in Turkey. Here and here. More Footage can be found on Youtube.

David Ohmer
David Ohmer


Sand fountain (geyser) in the Al-Ahsae City, Eastern Saudi Arabia.


I don’t know what this is, but this is definitely unexplained and pretty freaky.



This one creeps me out the most…”A town in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a ‘creepy gnome’ that locals claim stalks the streets at night.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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