47 Teachers And Students On The Weirdest, Most WTF Things To Happen In High School

44. sensaikayla

I was a freshman and my PE class was playing inside the gym. Some of the boys were playing basketball and this one kid’s wallet fell out of his pocket and was found by our teacher. She looked through the wallet to find out whose it was and when she found the ID she learned that our classmate who the wallet belonged to was actually a completely different person and was 28 YEARS OLD. Turns out he was an illegal immigrant posing as a high school student because he just wanted to get an education. He was arrested a few minutes later.

45. fannerz

We had a prostitution ring, a gambling ring, an ecstasy and cocaine ring, and a fake credit card ring. All participants under the age of 16. Bad things happen when rich kids get bored.

46. Fish52789

My teacher was arrested for taking pictures up the girls’ skirts. He had a tiny camera on his shoe or something. Police found thousands of photos on his home computer up girls’ skirts in school uniform.

47. ej4l

A kid on the basketball team raped a kid on the lacrosse team with a highlighter. TC mark

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