47 Teachers And Students On The Weirdest, Most WTF Things To Happen In High School

30. DrZums

We had a bomb threat called into our school and all of the other schools in town. It was serious enough that the cops evacuated all of the schools and called in police from all of the surrounding towns. When this was happening, a guy walked into the local bank and robbed it (close to 500,000 dollars) and got away scot-free. We thought it would be funny to make a Facebook page where all of the kids could go and become fans of his for giving us the day off from school. The cops finally caught him when he became a fan of the page using his actual Facebook profile.

31. chickengoggles

Some kid managed to smuggle a tiny bucket in his backpack and take it to the bathroom. He apparently had diarrhea and a full bladder, then relieved himself in said bucket. When he was done he grabbed the bucket, put it above the door, and left. The next person that walked through the door was greeted with a foul mix of shit and piss all over himself. Really a fucked up thing to do. Apparently he was always picked on and never found a way to get back at his bullies until he came upon this ingenious idea.

32. honeyandcreamcheese

In my grade 9 classroom on the 2nd floor I had some senior climb in through the window, pat himself down from the dust he had collected on his pants, then realized that he is not actually in the correct classroom. Then he proceeded to climb back out the window and shimmy to the next classroom. This was during a busy group oriented class where only my group noticed it happen. Teacher was so oblivious.

33. Mach-5

We had a couple.

The Serial Shitter: Some kid would crap on his hand and write stuff on the bathroom wall with it. He either graduated or stopped before being caught.

Oh and you know that senior prank everybody always talks about where you bring a cow up a flight of stairs because they can’t get back down? Yea we actually did that.

34. Atheist_Redditor

My high school was on the national news because of heavy use of steroids among football players. CNN came out and there was a press conference in our auditorium. The next day, all the men’s urinals had urinal cakes in them that, when urinated on, said avoid steroids. The local news grabbed one out of the urinal and showed it on TV.

35. lnvader

This guy with compulsive masturbation disorder tried to finish all over my girlfriend’s leg, but came on the floor instead.

36. cerulean613

We had a student get past the firewall and infect the entire city’s school system (K-12) so that whenever you logged onto the network these nudes of another student (female) would show up. The administration was NOT happy and it took weeks to fix. The student was never caught to my knowledge. If he had been caught he would have been expelled.



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