47 Teachers And Students On The Weirdest, Most WTF Things To Happen In High School

24. staggindraggin

One day some kids on my bus decided to tell the administrators that the weird kid that sat in the same area as us had a huge knife in his bag. Turns out he did have a huge knife and a list of people he was going to kill. He got expelled.

25. MrMattradio

My 1st period teacher was busted for having sex with the students. Investigators found, in his office, lube, porn, pull out bed, and candles.

He was a weird guy.

26. awolf_

I once walked into an unlocked stall, only to find three guys standing on top of the toilet, jerking each other off. I just backed out, and never made eye contact with them again. Oh yeah, it was only freshman year, and we graduated together senior year. Also, there were only 24 in my graduating class.

27. waldothehidden

Sophomore year in high school a kid put laxatives in the ketchup dispenser, about half of the school got sent home because they all had the shits.

28. DasIstMeinBier

God I wish I had seen this earlier. This happened my sophomore year during 2nd period and was known throughout the school by lunch. What happened was a senior was giving a presentation and opened the wrong file. Suddenly pictures of his girlfriend, naked and spread eagle for all to see. Did I mention that his girlfriend was in the same class? Yep, she was.

29. patdap

Two guys that really disliked each other got into a fight in the middle of the hallway / big entryway to the front of our school. Kid 1 started talking shit and grabbed Kid 2’s fake leg. He proceeded to pull off the fake leg from Kid 2 and hit him over the head with it. Kid 2 got pissed and punched Kid 1 in the face. After punching him, Kid 1 got tackled by Kid 2 with only 1 leg.

Principal wasn’t pleased obviously, separated them and grabbed the other kids leg. They kept talking shit while he was putting it back on.



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