47 Teachers And Students On The Weirdest, Most WTF Things To Happen In High School

17. kinofpumps

A kid saw a bird sitting outside on a branch, so he decided to punch through the window to try to hit it.

18. KrazyKanadian96

For some reason, some dumbfucks thought it would be a GREAT idea to pour 20+ gallons of mineral oil down one of the staircases. Then the psycho assistant principal busted his ass trying to walk up the stairs and fell all the way to the bottom. Hilarious, but the fact still remained: “WHAT THE FUCK ARKANSAS.”

19. Stolenusername

A guy in my class put his dick on a sleeping girls head, and very nearly had sexual harassment charges pressed against him.

20. brett23

We had the crotch grabber. Someone that would get behind girls on the stairs or in the hallway and just grab them right under the belt. It was really fucking weird. He turned out to be an exchange student and he got sent back to his home country (don’t remember where that was) after they figured out it was him.

21. badger28

Goat fell off the roof.

22. Ampmonkey

The dean of students caught this chick giving a dude a blow job while the dude fucked himself in the ass with a dildo. They were in the stairwell during lunchtime.

23. the_ghetto_wigger

Some girl cut herself in class with paper clips, excused herself to clean up, and then came back with Bloody Mary scrawled into her arms. She was a psychopath and had one of the most evil laughs I’ve ever heard. I honestly feared for the safety of the school while she attended.



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