47 Teachers And Students On The Weirdest, Most WTF Things To Happen In High School

11. I_Fuking_Love_Pandas

At my elementary school, it was commonplace for all the boys to have contests to see who could pee higher up the wall or hit the ceiling at the urinals. Believe it or not, the ceiling tiles in the boys restroom there were often dripping with piss.

At my high school, one of the redneck students was bet $5 and a chocolate milk to drape himself in a giant confederate flag and run through the lunch room screaming. He ran through the halls being chased by multiple people until the superintendent tackled him.

12. stalegrapes

A couple things… Some kid wanted to fight someone, so he went looking for him at lunch, about 200-300 students were following him around on his search. Turns out the kid he wanted wasn’t even at school, but since he had so many people following him around he ended up getting charged with inciting a riot.

Junior year 6 fights broke out at the same time. A bystander for some reason was carrying an entire gallon jug of milk around that day, decided to throw it as far and high as he could down the hall during the fights, it ended up exploding over some unfortunate little freshman girl’s face.

13. Lstn2TownesVanZandt

A kid ran through the school naked while tripping on mushrooms. It was at nighttime, but he went into the boys locker room and it was full of girls because the school was hosting a girls’ swim meet. Later he said that he thought he had died and figured no one could see him because he was a ghost. The question is, if you died and were invisible, why would you go into the boy’s locker room?

14. Miramar_308

Before school one day this really awkward kid got a blow job from a girl who everyone thought was afraid of boys in the guys bathroom. The whole school knew by the end of 1st period, including teachers. Someone walked in and just saw her knees on the ground in the stall. She was forever known as “The bathroom bandit.”

15. fawkesmulder

We had a couple of mentally challenged kids blowing each other in the bathroom. Caused quite a stir.


We once had a guy in one of the bio labs intentionally shit his pants for 20 dollars. He then had to walk from the 3rd floor of the West Wing to the East basement locker room showers, all the while loose sloppy feces trailing behind him.



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