47 Teachers And Students On The Weirdest, Most WTF Things To Happen In High School

7. dragonhugs

A kid dressed up as Spiderman and climbed to the roof of our school and ran around for 30 minutes while janitors tried to catch him. The funny thing is it wasn’t even the senior prank or Halloween. He also didn’t get in any trouble at all because there was no rule preventing him from climbing to the roof. He only got off on insubordination.

8. Dammit__Janet

This happened before I was there, but my Spanish teacher told us about a boy who used to bring a skull around to drama class. Everyone thought it was a fake skull, but it turned out to be the skull of a young boy he had killed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Woodmansee

9. TylerC94

Some girl sent out nudes to some kid and he sent them to almost everyone in the school. She was only 16 so the cops decided the best course of action to delete the pictures from everywhere was to confiscate everyone’s phone who had received the pictures. Most people didn’t get their phones back for over 8 months.

8. Vahu

Two kids were fighting right outside the school after school hours. Apparently it was over some girl. One of the kid’s younger brother was there and he had a knife. He got behind the guy his brother was fighting and stabbed him straight in the butt. The kid runs into the school to try to get some help. They got a helicopter come and airlifted him to the hospital. I just wish I could have found out why he went for the butt. Was it intentional or just the heat of the moment?

9. BlackCaaaaat

My high school was next to an artificial lake, and we threw all sorts of crap into it. The Art rooms were close to the lake, with big windows looking out over it. One afternoon, during an Art lesson, they dragged a body out of the lake. Being kids it freaked us right out.

10. sweetwattah

There was a ring of kids that were able to hack into teachers’ computers and change grades subtly over time. They would add something like one or two percent to an assignment or test. It all adds up over time. They hit one of my favorite teachers pretty hard too. They got a bunch of her passwords for all sorts of things. Turns out the ringleader was also going around just jacking iPhones too. Cops went up to his house and found around 50 of them in his room, apparently with some drugs too.



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