47 Teachers And Students On The Weirdest, Most WTF Things To Happen In High School

Found on AskReddit.

1. ohmytosh

When I was in high school, someone driving on the road beside us called the cops about a sniper being on grounds. We had a SWAT team swarming, police helicopters, breaking news on all 4 major networks in the city. Turned out to be a guy with a rake who was cleaning up the leaves.

2. Huntava

A kid dug a giant dick into the football field. The school planted the wrong type of grass back into the dick.

3. Verlux

In my senior year, two friends of mine decided their prank would consist of them sitting on the floor in the lunch area, playing an intense game of chess (their use of words, not mine). Anywho, they managed to coerce roughly 85 other students to ring around them and start yelling out things like “HOLY SHIT, GO GET HIM” “YEAH BEAT HIS ASS” “OH SHIT THAT’S BRUTAL”, etc. to make the administration think they were fighting. Within a minute, it was over 250 kids all chanting, the admins ended up calling the cops to campus thinking a huge fight was breaking out, guys sat there playing chess the entire time.

The weird thing is that the police didn’t let them finish the fucking game.

4. DasBIscuits

A kid stole a needle from another student who was diabetic. He went around poking people with it saying “oops you have aids now”. Freaked a lot of people out.

5. 13forluck101

We had a kid break into his dad’s safe, steal his cash, and pass out $100 bills to random students. Admin tried to get the money back later, but surprisingly, weren’t all that successful.

6. mzet

Two pregnant girls getting in a fist fight.


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