41 People On The Greatest Halloween Costume Ideas Of All Time

Here are all the greatest Halloween costume ideas of all time.

Found on AskReddit.

1. HippyDave

Long ago my step-brother suggested a piece of candy carrying a bag of children.

2. TheBradyz

My dad always told me about a guy at one of his work parties that was a head-to-toe alien. But, he had a plastic tube going from his mask to his gloves, so he could stick his finger in somebody’s beer and drink it.

3. Kriket308

I’m in a wheelchair. Last year, I dressed up as Princess Toadstool, and bought a stuffed turtle shell to throw at people. Mariokart, bitches!

4. censoredbulginess

My co-worker has 48 waist long dreads. My best friend has a brick house costume. +48 helium balloons, my co-worker becomes the house from Up!

5. IOmNommedUrMom

Dress up as a car and anytime you see someone dressed as an animal walk by them bump into them and yell “JESUS CHRIST IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!”

6. kloblink

Japanese games shows always have the best ideas for costumes.

7. JarrettP

I am a tall, skinny dude. I was thinking about going as one of those wacky inflatable flailing armed tube men.

8. Cahw

I got diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy yesterday, so I want to be Twoface.

9. Sir_Llama

I will bequeath large amounts of praise onto anyone who can pull off “Slutty Wall E.”

10. lmelzer

Dress up as one of John Travolta’s movie characters (Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction.) but say you’re Nicholas Cage from face off.

11. jon909

I went as a palm tree one year. Ladies were climbing all over me. I ended up winning first prize which was unexpected.

EDIT: Be 6’5″ for maximum costume effectiveness. Oh also drink coronas all night. I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, YOU DO IT DAMNIT!!!

12. SwoopySalvo

I’m 24 and I still fantasize about being the green Power Ranger and Sub-Zero.

13. SoapyNinja

Drunk captain planet who has given up hope of saving the world. Just stumbling around drunk with a 5 o’clock shadow throwing trash saying I used to care man. Things like that.

14. tag_king

Me as a stock photograph last year.

15. chilson18

Casual Joker Just wear purple shorts and a green polo. Just put on a little bit of Joker makeup and hair dye. Complete it with fuzzy slippers and a can of beer. Not so serious. I find it works better if you are a little chubby, to show how he let himself go.

16. mikesername

I’m going to drop a bunch of acid and go as Hunter S. Thompson. It’s called method acting.

17. Imsleepingtho

Me and six of my friends went as the seven deadly sins one year. We each acted like our sin all night and got mentioned on the radio.


I’m going as Jake from State Farm.

19. Moa-Murderer

For the bearded folk out there: A simple costume is a lumberjack.

If you have bearded friends, get them in on it, too. Nothing warms people more than a bunch of men with bushy beards laughing heartily. It’ll help scare away potential muggers too. Nobody’s going to try and mug a group of the most masculine specimens this world has to offer.

20. Fliffs

Slutty penguin. I’ve seen it happen, it needs to happen more.

21. SwoccerFields

Get a pair of 5XL sweatpants, fit a hula-hoop into the waistband and fill the extra space between the sweats and your body with balloons. Hand out invitations to the party in your pants.

22. ZeronicX

I’m going as White 2Chainz.

23. NatNik

One year I went as one of the frozen dead people floating around in the water from Titanic. Got an old white life jacket and painted R.M.S Titanic on the back and wore an old timey dress I found in my grandmothers attic. Did my hair and makeup to make myself look all frozen.

24. russianturnipofdoom

Be Billy Ray Cyrus because of all the girls dressed as Miley.

25. ColbertsBump

I’m probably going to be fat Liam Neeson, fat Heisenberg, or fat Chris Farley.

26. rinic

Ladies: I’d like to see sexy presidents. Sexy George Washington, Sexy Abe Lincoln, Sexy Teddy Roosevelt, etc. Beards not optional if they had one.

27. liljewnbug2023

A couple of years ago I went as Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant.

28. aceofshades

Well, I’m a ginger with a goatee and a receding hairline. Thinking maybe I’ll just buzz my hair down the middle, wear a black t-shirt and be Louis C.K.

29. That_Guy404

I built this for last Halloween and have every intention of recycling it for a few more years.

30. oh_noes

Well, I think this year I’m going to replicate a costume a friend of mine wore a few years ago. Dress up like Abraham Lincoln, carry a map and compass. Lincoln Navigator.

31. andrewthetechie

Trying to convince my girlfriend that my idea is the best for the costume party we’re going to. She goes as Ms. Frizzle, I go as Bill Nye the Science Guy. You know those two would party hard together.

32. Posing_Hipster_011

Mormon missionaries. Dress up with a buddy and mess with people.

33. ReeuQ

What can I do Nicholas Cage related that’s work appropriate? My whole office cages a dude we work with almost weekly and our plan is to all dress as Nicholas cage for Halloween. I want some cool ideas for men and women!

34. lucidreamz

Michonne from the Walking Dead! Complete with 2 walker slaves.

35. seeitinimax

I have an olive complexion and an ironic mustache. The only possible costume is Hipster Aladdin.

36. Bjornthebear

I’m going to wear a wizard robe with a football helmet, and go as fantasy football.

37. Whistlin_Willy_Wart

I would like to be Luke Skywalker with my 3 year old as Yoda riding around on my back.

38. [deleted]

My wife and I (both women) are still trying to sort that out. Us both being scissors this year just isn’t going to cut it.

39. Brostradamus_

My (tall, black) girlfriend and I were going to go as Austin Powers and Foxy Cleopatra, except reversed.

I don’t know if I can pull off the sparkly dress all night though.

40. HoustonJay

I’m going to be Fidel Castro and yell at little kids in Spanish to “join the revolution.”

41. [deleted]

I want to go as Hennifer Lopez, from South Park. Not sure how I’ll pull it off exactly.