37 People On The Trick That Will Win You Any Interview

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1. Dan_Ashcroft

I could write a lot on this from my recruitment days, but I’ll just keep it to two main points.

  1. Answer their questions. Lots of people will start answering the question but never really finish because they go off on a tangent halfway through. It’s frustrating as an interviewer to have to ask someone to get back on point, but it’s also a little embarrassing for the candidate and it can throw you off your rhythm. I want to know the information because it’s important. It also shows you listened to what was being asked of you and you delivered what was required.
  2. At the end of the interview, ask if they have any concerns about your resume, your interview answers or your application in general. It’s a great way to see if there is anything they perhaps misunderstood or you didn’t explain well enough. I’ve asked this in every interview and in all but one it’s given me some immediate feedback and the ability to allay any concerns they might have. For example, I once had someone say I interviewed great but they were concerned I lived too far away, something that didn’t come up in the interview. I was able to then say I would be relocating.

2. thetrueERIC

Surprised no one has said eye contact. That stuff needs to happen, a lot.

3. tocs4

Make sure you know how to shake peoples hands!

4. extremekc

Start asking them questions – reverse interview always helps your position.

5. 2011StlCards

Say “Yes.” Not “yeah,” not “yep,” not “mmhmm,” not “uh huh.” “Yes.”

6. madsplatter

Wear a suit. Be on time. Don’t cry.

7. apocalyptic

Power Posing. I did this for years before the TED talk was released, and have usually done very well in interviews. I’ve consistently gained a 30% to 50% salary jump every 2 to 3 years when I’ve moved up the corporate ladder.

Before every interview, before the interviewer comes into the room I would take 5 minutes to look out the window and take in the view imagining that the interview room is my “office”. Somehow it has helped me relax my nerves and keep my wits about me under the pressure of interview.

All this assumes that you qualify for the position and are competent enough to do the required job of course.

8. VSahota

When they ask about your weaknesses tell them you are terrible at interviews. I have always gotten laughs when I have said it and after that I find the interview easier because everyone seems to be in a better mood.

9. analystandtherapist

Make sure you know yourself, too. All the research about the company is great advice and will help you immensely, but be sure that when the time comes to talk about yourself that you actually can do so. I find it very hard to “sell myself” in an interview, and very hard to actually speak about my accomplishments without feeling as though I am boasting. Make sure you practice doing this and feel comfortable with speaking about yourself without too large of pauses to think about previous jobs, experiences, etc. as it sort of seems as though you haven’t done anything that has stuck out or might be making things up.

10. iamwhoiwas

Be prepared, act confident, and speak slowly. This might sound ridiculous but talk like Tommy Carcetti from The Wire. I’ve been interviewed 6 times and was offered the job/position for all 6.

11. godlovesaliar

I tend to give this advice a lot to my students: Too many people look at a job interview like it’s a test. It’s very easy to feel like we have to prove ourselves to the employer and show our good qualities. This isn’t what an interview is, though. The simple fact is that something, whether it was your resume, application, whatever, made this prospective employer interested enough in you to call you in for an interview. They are using the interview to figure out reasons why they SHOULDN’T hire you. So stop focusing so much on making yourself appear to be the best employee in the world. It comes off as forced. No one is perfect, and no one is that clean. Stay comfortable, and simply explain why you’re better than the other guys.

Remember, a job interview isn’t yours to win. A job interview is yours to lose.

12. Chrys

Don’t say bad things about your last employer. You next employer can assume that you will do the same for him.

13. Harrysoon

Always be prepared for the “Have you got any questions?” question. That’s probably one of the most important questions, and simply saying “No”, can lessen your success in getting the job.

14. panamared78

This has always worked for me. I convince myself that if this company doesn’t hire me they will go out of business. I am the best fucking employee to ever fill out an app at this place. You have to be confident but if you go in with the above attitude you will find that the people interviewing you will believe they need you more than you need them.

15. ubercl0ud

Don’t lie.

16. captain_bandit

CONFIDENCE. The goal in any job interview is to make the interviewer feel like THEY are losing something if they don’t offer you the job. I have interviewed so many people in my life that think that being humble and projecting how badly they want the job is the way to go. It isn’t. You aren’t trying to get a job, you are trying to convince another human being that it would be stupid of them to let you walk out the door and not come back.

17. shelly887

Dress well.

A friend at the company I interviewed at let me know that both of the women I interviewed with let her know how impressed they were by how I dressed. Most of the other candidates showed up in dress slacks/pants and a sweater. I wore a pant suit with an elegant top and conservative heels. I start a dream job on Monday! :)

18. nevermatter

Not sure if its a tip, but in every job interview I’ve ever nailed, I’ve used the words “serendipitous” and “malocclusion” completely out of context. I consider it my good like charm.

19. goomyman

Study like it’s the most important test of your life.Seriously, most people don’t study for shit. Know your shit, know about the job, know about the company, and treat it professional.

20. King_of_KL

Smile and relax.

21. llaskin

Shut up and listen. The job interview is most important not only to the interviewer but also the interviewee. The person you are talking to could be a peer, a manager or someone completely unrelated, but you will most likely interact with them daily! Also, what they say will give you unique insights into the company and their attitude towards their employees.

22. hyperkinesis247

At the end of the interview, if you are given the opportunity to ask questions of your own, always lead off with, “What’s the next step in the process? I feel I’d be a great fit for this position…” Assume the close.

23. SpiritMaker

Be polite and courteous; thank them for their time. My last interview was in June 2012, I never got the job…Although a week later the manageress called me and told me to come in. I got given a job because she fired someone so she could hire me. Be confident, even if in reality you’re shitting your pants.

24. foreignlander

Keep calm and tell them what they want to hear. Smile every once in a while and take your time answering the questions but not with too much detail if you bore them you‘re out. It’s like playing a part in a movie. Take it like that. If you don’t make it ask them for feedback in order to improve.

25. chimp-with-hat

Show them that you are not only willing to work hard, but also to learn things and to contribute your gained experience to the team you work with.

26. Amryxx

Remember that being able to communicate well is oftentimes more valuable than academic certification. Especially if you’re in a country where English is not the native language.

27. mrbigshot

Copy and paste it into Word with plenty of space between the questions to write several answers, and answer them all. I’ve taken my answered copy to interviews and, when they asked a question on the list, looked up my answer and discussed it. Nailed it.

28. Ducks_Quackington

Pretend you already have the job and you are there for induction. This helps me relax, act confidently and ask different questions. My last interview I asked where my interviewer goes for lunch. He told me and we had a great conversation about food, coffee and office politics. I got the job.

29. gsxr

I’m a hiring manager. If you’ve got an in-person interview you are already past the “does he know shit” stage. It’s purely a “can i sit next to this dicknose for 8 hours a day”? Keep it basic as all shit. Show up on time, dress well, be clean and presentable, talk like you’re a grown up (serious shit here fucker, college is over). Sit up straight and smile.

30. stupidnickname

No one will blow your horn for you, except for you. A job interview is not the place for false modesty. Be clear, but not boastful, about your accomplishments and qualities.

31. SubcommanderShran

When they say “Where do you see yourself in X years?” You say, “In your chair.”


Bring some food as a gift.

33. Hesychast

I had gone on over 15 job interviews in 7 months and was rejected for them all. Fed up, I went into an interview that went surprisingly well (but I had those too). When asked if I had any questions, aside from the usuals, I asked the following question…the one I think got me my dream job: “If you could identify one major concern or reason to hesitate about hiring me, what would it be?” Manager looked shocked I’d ask, and his answer back was just as shocking. (Had nothing to do with my skills or experience). It lets you find out if they perceive a weakness and at least allows you a chance to rebuttal.

34. captainmagictrousers

Interviewers like candidates who take initiative! Even if they haven’t asked for a drug test, bring a urine sample.

35. OneLifeLiveIt

Ask for a glass of water at the start of the interview (shows confidence, gets you talking and warmed up), then take a sip every time you need a couple of seconds to formulate a response or you need to think on your feet.

36. desidiver

Be Honest and it’s ok to admit that you don’t know the answer. I had a phone interview prior to on site interview and during the phone interview I was asked a question to which I didn’t know the answer but I looked up the answer later. When I met the person during on site interview, I told him the correct answer. I believe that got me the job.

37. geekinccomics

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this mentioned on Reddit, but when I used to conduct interviews, I’d always make a note on whether or not the interviewee brought a pen. It’s a small thing, but it shows that they were prepared and thought ahead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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