13 Things That Happen When Your Partner Is A Great Cook



In some parts of the world, the way to a man’s heart is with a nice meal. I think it works vice-versa. A woman would also love a nice meal in bed. There is some romantic and special bond a great meal represents. This is why it is always great to have Thanksgiving with a well prepared turkey.

Who doesn’t love a partner who can cook? Here are 14 things that will happen when your partner is a great cook.

You have a strengthened relationship when you share this activity together

According to studies partners who cook together are more satisfied in all areas of life than couples who don’t cook together. Since your partner is a great cook you would probably want to spend more time in the kitchen with them. Of course you would also want to share special moments with them on special occasions as cooking together tends to improve communication between couples.

1. You can take turns in the kitchen

You are not the one doing all the work in the kitchen. Instead you can take turns with your partner. There is always that exciting challenge this brings in your relationship as you want to prove to your partner that you can be a better cook.

2. There are no gender roles

You don’t have a partner who believes a man or woman should always be the one in the kitchen. Rather you have someone who takes it upon him/herself to make their partner satisfied.

3. Breakfast in bed

You shouldn’t fantasize this point because there is always the possibility of eating breakfast in bed if you have a partner who can cook very well. Of course this is always romantic.

4. They are always good with their hands

The art of cooking makes you great with your hands. And when you have a partner who has magic fingers there is so much excitement that will contribute to sexual pleasures.

5. You would discover new dishes

They want to try something new. Great cooks are always on the hunt for new recipes. It sort of brings out the adventurer in them.

6. You would only go to the best restaurants

They would plan the best night out with you. Since they are great with food they would know which restaurants have the best menu.

7. You won’t get hungry

They will keep you satisfied in the relationship. Whenever you are hungry they will quickly whip up some nice meal for you.

8. They make the kitchen a better part of the home

They are meticulous with kitchen items. They want a decent kitchen where their partner could enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

9. Great moments would be spent indoors

You don’t need to go out to search for a meal. There is so much to explore indoors. You are not eating out and you can discover new aspects of each other.

10. They improve your sex drive

There know how to prepare an aphrodisiac and get you turned on for an amazing night of sexual pleasure.

11. You save money

Of course a great cook as a partner saves you money. All that money spent on eating out could be diverted to a more worthy investment.

12. It shows responsibility

If your partner can cook, it means they are responsible. They can take care of you when you are weak and tired.

13. They know how to surprise you with a meal

Sometimes an amazing and well prepared meal from nowhere can take away all the hurt. Surprises are cool, since you also know what to give them when they are angry or want to make them feel special. Yes, when you have a partner who cooks well, you simply can’t afford to be angry for too long.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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