The World Won’t Give You What You Haven’t Earned Yet

The world won’t give you what you haven’t yet earned.

Seriously. I think this is such a powerful realization and truthfully does a lot to set the right expectations in your life. What you put in is what you’ll get out, but in a way you probably haven’t thought of before.

I firmly believe that the world rewards those with perspective — namely perspective of what it’s like to NOT have the things you want, to NOT be with someone who is right for you, to NOT work a job that’s fulfilling, to NOT always make the right decisions.

Why do I say this?

In my experience, knowing what I don’t want, knowing how I don’t want to feel, and experiencing the opposite of what I want has fueled me to earn the things that ARE right for me.

The opposite:

– A bad relationship.

– A frustrating, stressful job.

– Times I haven’t spoken up.

– Letting my passions lie dormant.

I didn’t want those things at the time (obviously), but the perspective and emotions from those experiences made me realize how much the right relationship, a fulfilling job, speaking my heart, and living my passions means to me.

And THAT is what gives me the fuel to earn the things I want. That perspective gives me the vision, the drive, the motivation, and the thick skin to go out and take what I want.

Without that perspective, I don’t think I truly deserve the things I want. How could I?

How could I deserve something I’ve only pictured in my mind? I need to know what it feels like to live WITHOUT those things to know what they really mean to me.

I honestly think you only deserve the things in life that you’ve solidified in your heart.

You only deserve the things you’ve made up your mind for and that you’re willing to commit to and fight for.

I’m a house-music-listening, weight-slamming dudebro, but I really do believe the universe responds to that energy. The universe responds to people who have perspective in their heart and fire in their eyes.

That is how you earn what you want in your life.

Perspective in your heart and fire in your eyes.

This reminder will make you realize that all your dark times are here to serve you.

The universe isn’t testing you. It’s not serving you up some bad karma. It’s empowering you to earn what you want in life. It’s doing you a favor!

It’s giving you perspective and that comes from times where you were rejected, felt frustrated with your friends, had self doubt or lack of success or confidence, or were ghosted, let down, or cheated on.

You NEED that perspective. It teaches you what is important to you and that will give you the fire you need to go out and earn what you want. It will give you a burning desire to go out, stay motivated, and earn your best life.

Promise yourself that you will understand that perspective is everything!

Even if something went horribly wrong in your life — whether you failed in a big way or took an embarrassingly wrong turn — you are inching closer to earning all the good things in your life. You are earning the perspective you need.

You are earning perspective that is going to fuel you, so be grateful and keep your head up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Just a dudebroguy with perspective.

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