This Is Your Reminder That You Deserve More

This Is Your Reminder That You Deserve More

We all have this tendency to deflect worthiness away from ourselves to other people.

It’s easy, and we do it without noticing!

As you’re scrolling through Instagram, it’s so natural to see at that influencer with a million followers chillin’ in Mykonos or that entrepreneur buying a new Lambo or that beautiful model out and about in Miami and your reaction is, “Wow, yes, you are so successful, so beautiful, so talented. You deserve the fame, the money, the vacations. You deserve it all.”

We all do this. We think those people are worthy of being happy and successful.

But what about you? Why don’t you have nearly that much conviction that YOU deserve the same?

Why do you assume that little old you is less worthy or less deserving of more and better in your life?

I’m here to remind you that you are worthy.

You deserve to fall in love. You deserve to wake up one day and know you’re with the right person and never doubt that.

You deserve to be confident. You deserve to walk into a room and not feel anxious or less than or that you need to prove yourself.

You deserve to set a goal, a big goal, a scary goal. You deserve to have faith in yourself and a strong sense of hope in knowing that you can find a way to accomplish it.

You deserve amazing friends who build you up, who challenge you, who support you.

You deserve to live without self doubt. You deserve to know that no matter what you do, no matter how many times you have to start over or take a wrong turn, that you have what it takes to adapt and keep going.

Most of all, you deserve to be happy. You deserve to find joy and magic in life that you once thought was reserved for other people. You deserve to go to sleep with a smile on your face and wake up with the same smile knowing that you are deserving of amazing moments and people.

You have to believe this in your heart.

I don’t know you. I don’t know anything about you. I don’t know anything about your past, what you’ve done, what you haven’t done, the good karma you’ve accrued, the bad karma, any of the fucked up shit you’ve done, the times you’ve let yourself down, or the times you’ve let other people down. Nothing. I don’t know. And frankly, I don’t care.

Because I genuinely believe that regardless of any of that, you deserve more.

You deserve more.

I believe this because in life there can be a lot of darkness. For each of us. Sometimes at random. Sometimes because of things we did or didn’t do. That’s life.

But I know in my heart and from experience that there is always light after darkness. And I believe there is more light than dark in life. So much more..

And because of that, you as a person—as a human, as someone who is looking to make sense of their life and who wants to live a life that both calms and ignites their heart and soul—have more light than darkness in your future.

And that is why you deserve more. That is why you are worthy of more.

Because there’s light out there in the world waiting for you. Even if it seems dark now, there is light ahead of you. And I think the best way to make that a reality is to come to firmly believe that you deserve to see it.

You deserve to feel love. You deserve to feel confident. You deserve to feel capable. You deserve to smile. You deserve to accomplish. To travel, to be loved. To laugh, to experience, to find perspective.

You deserve all those things—happiness, perspective, magic, joy, love.

I believe in your potential just as I believe in my own potential.

I believe that you are deserving because in you lies a 100% unique combination of perspective—things you’ve seen, experienced, lived, said, tasted, smelled, and done. That is completely unique to you.

Inside you is such a magical mix of light and dark, good and bad, happiness and pain, regret, shame, guilt, happiness, and celebration.

And that makes you incredibly unique. And I think that uniqueness has a purpose; it has potential. That unique perspective is filled with potential.

That unique combination of all things YOU wants to emerge in the world. It wants to shine. It wants to grow and come to be seen. To make some noise. To make an impact.

That is potential. And I believe everyone has THIS.

And because of that, you are worthy. Each one of us is worthy of letting that potential shine.

You are deserving of more and better.

The more you remind yourself of this truth and the more you repeat it to yourself, the harder it will be for you to ignore. And eventually, if you repeat that enough and believe it enough, it will become impossible to ignore.

And that’s when the magic happens, my friends.

When you firmly believe that you deserve more, it becomes impossible to ignore. And with that comes an incredible amount of freedom and changes in your life. Trust me on that.

So repeat after me: I deserve more.

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