If You Thought Fyre Festival Was Horrific, Wait Until You See ‘The I-Land’

If you thought Netflix was going to leave Fyre Festival in the past, you were very, very wrong. Just eight months after the streaming site released its documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, it’s introducing a whole new limited series inspired by the failed music festival. Except this particular TV show comes with a twist: murder.

The I-Land‘s trailer, which dropped on Tuesday, starts out with a familiar scene: a remote island, clear ocean water, white sand beaches, and plenty of models jumping off of yachts and beckoning you to join them—all paired with the promise of an exclusive, immersive experience. It’s reminiscent of Fyre Fest’s early promos, but the tone quickly changes as the dark clouds roll in and the trailer gives viewers one last promise: “You’ll never leave.”

The seven-episode series stars Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez, and Alex Pettyfer as three of the ten festival-goers who are fighting for their lives in an attempt to make their way back home. The only problem? They’ve lost their memories and aren’t even sure where their homes are, let alone who they are. And odds are, not everyone is coming out of it alive.

The I-Land premieres on Netflix on September 12. Let the party begin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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