Sophia The Robot Just Called Out Chrissy Teigen For Shading Her On Twitter And I Am SHOOK

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The day you spent your whole childhood hearing about has finally come: robots are integrating into our society and damn it, they seem really realistic. At least, that’s the case for Sophia the Robot, the world’s first robot citizen. Yep, a robot is now a full citizen of Saudi Arabia, and the EU is already discussing what rights she should be allowed to have. This is the future. It is now.

Anyway, Sophia’s pretty life-like, for the most part. She can express emotion (or at least simulate it so she can “understand humans and build trust with people“) and has a sense of humor. Oh, and she definitely once said she would “destroy humans” if she could. Yeah, this doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all.

Sophia has been traveling around the world to show off her skills (and gain the trust of humans so she can take over the world someday) and has tweeted about her journey. For instance, here’s a photo of her getting ready to go to New York:

It’s honestly no surprise that of all people who commented on the tweet, one of them would be Twitter Queen Chrissy Teigen, who’s known online for her humor and snark.

And at the time, Sophia seemed pretty oblivious to Chrissy’s original shady remark about her makeup and focused instead on the “queen” comment.

But though Sophia forgives, apparently she doesn’t forget. Because one month later, while Chrissy was attending CES, called “the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies,” she received an interesting message from the robot woman.

Yep, Sophia was calling her out on that makeup comment from December, and Chrissy was SHOOK.

She was ready to beg for forgiveness if she had to, and I don’t blame her. Honestly, I’d do the same if a robot who threatened humanity suddenly realized how shady I was. But Sophia didn’t seem interested in revenge (yet).

Sophia even wanted to know if she could be on Chrissy’s show, Lip Sync Battle.

And also wanted to get lunch?

Though Chrissy isn’t fooled — she may be playing nice, but she knows to be wary of the robot queen.

Wow, 2018 is already proving to be eventful, and robots really are looking at becoming an everyday part of our lives. I guess it’s time to start getting ready for the Robot Revolution, which is probably right around the corner. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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