Pizza Hut Unveiled A Delivery Car That Won’t Need A Driver And It’s Freaking TF Out Of ‘Black Mirror’ Fans

Unsplash / Igor Ovsyannykov and Twitter / @blackmirror

Welcome to the future. While we may not have the flying cars we were promised in elementary school (I’m still waiting), there are still some pretty crazy technological advances taking place. Like, you know, self-driving vehicles. Or in this case, a self-delivering pizza car.

Pizza Hut unveiled the vehicle as part of their partnership with Toyota. The car, which not only drives and delivers pizza by itself, might also be able to cook the pizzas as it drives, too. The company plans to use it by 2020, which is pretty insane when you think about it — in just a few years, these bad boys might be all over the road.

The delivery car, while cool, is also kind of concerning. First of all, does this mean people will lose their jobs to a robot car? And can we promise it’ll be safe? But Black Mirror fans have different fears entirely, if not because this is the exact premise from one of its darkest episodes.

There are semi-spoilers ahead, friends, so stop right now if you haven’t seen season 4, episode 3 or have no want to know about it.

Basically, in the episode “Crocodile“, there IS a self-delivering pizza car, which is cool in concept. But an accident with the car leads to several deaths and one of the craziest outcomes of a Black Mirror episode that’ll haunt you long after it’s over.

Let’s just say that we aren’t too thrilled about this pizza car.

Darren Rovell, an ESPN reporter, explained their might be some upsides to the vehicle, like allowing people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do a delivery job the opportunity to do so, but honestly, I’m not too convinced.

Look, Pizza Hut, I know you’re trying to be the future, but if Black Mirror taught me anything, the future isn’t too bright. I’ll keep the cute delivery guy who cracks jokes every time he comes to my doorstep. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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