Here’s Why You’re Struggling To Find Happiness (And What You Can Do About It), Based On Your Moon Sign

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If you’ve had problems understanding why you’re not feeling emotionally fulfilled in life, you might want to turn to astrology. You’d be surprised at what your birth chart will tell you about yourself that even you didn’t know — and it goes way beyond just your sun sign.

While your sun sign does a good job at telling you the basis of your personality — who the world essentially sees you as — it does little to tell you about your innermost wants and needs. However, it’s your moon sign that dictates your thoughts, feelings, and emotional well-being. Your moon sign might give you a little insight to why you struggle finding happiness and what you can personally do to change that.

To figure out your moon sign, you’ll need to know your birth date, birth time and birth city. You can calculate it here.


No matter what your sun sign may say about you, you’re a lot more independent than you seem. You need to feel like you have control over your own life and the things surrounding you, but if you don’t, you’re likely to become depressed. You may not be the most emotionally “deep” person in the world, but that doesn’t mean that your emotions aren’t big — when you get down, it’s hard for you to climb back up. Instead of wallowing about the things you don’t have a say in, focus your energy on what you do have control of. Are you unhappy with your professional life? Start looking into a new career. Are you having a hard time getting over your ex? Start going on blind dates. There are plenty of things you can do to change your own life. You’re a trailblazer at heart and sometimes you just have to push forward until you’re in a better place in life.


Security is huge for you. Even if you outwardly seem like the kind of person who loves spontaneity and new experiences, you still secretly crave stability. A lot of your emotional stress probably comes from the fact that you don’t feel like you’re standing on solid ground, whether that’s because you’re uncertain about your future in your career or because you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship. The best thing you can do is cut out the things in your life that make you feel unstable and focus on getting to a place in life where you don’t have to keep questioning what’s going to happen next. Evaluate the things and people in your life and pinpoint which make you feel the most secure and then focus your energy on fostering that. Once you feel like you’re standing on solid ground again, you’ll be able to find peace.


Just like your sun sign counterparts, you’re not exactly the most stable person out there — you just might hide it a little better than others do. You crave human connection, and if you don’t have a satisfying social life, you’re bound to feel yourself unraveling. You’re the sort of person who needs to feel heard and understood, but the problem is you don’t always feel that people know how to understand you — after all, you’ve got so many messy emotions that you sometimes have trouble understanding yourself. The best way to deal with this is to cultivate a close, compassionate group of friends of individuals who are willing to hear you out or even visit a therapist to help you talk through your thoughts and feelings. Once you feel like you’ve been heard and validated, you’ll be able to focus on improving other areas of your life.


You are so soft inside, but that’s not a bad thing. You have a great capacity for empathy, but because of that, you feel so, so much — maybe a little too much. Because you’re a natural born caretaker, sometimes people forget that you need nurturing, too. It’s when you start to feel under-appreciated and unloved that your emotions start crashing down hard, and it’s not always easy for you to recover from your moodier phases. The first step to remedying this might just be to vocalize your needs — tell people when you feel taken advantage of or when you don’t feel properly acknowledged for all that you do. Also be sure that you have an emotional outlet to help you get rid of all that excess feeling, whether that’s talking to a therapist or finding a creative way to process everything that you feel. Once those needs are adequately met you’ll be able to face the rest of your life with a soothed soul.


Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you’ve got quite the ego — and once it’s wounded, you have a hard time bouncing back. Leo is all about the sense of “self,” and once you throw self-doubt into the mix, you find it difficult to reconcile the great person you want to be and the “failure” you see yourself as. Any kind of rejection can be particularly hard on you because it makes you question your self-worth — even if, honestly, it’s not really about you. Because in your life, you see almost everything as something that’s about you, and though that’s what gives you the confidence to go forward and do great things, it’s always what makes you feel like your shortcomings are the end of the world. If you find yourself underperforming at work or failing as a friend, your first instinct may be to start wallowing in self-hatred rather than trying to fix the actual problem. If you want to make things better, you’ll have to ditch your ego for a little bit and focus on making things right externally. Once you’ve managed to pull yourself together on the outside, you’ll feel content inside.


Truth be told, you’re kind of a perfectionist, and that’s not always a bad thing — you work hard and you make sure you do a good job. The only problem is that sometimes you get a little too obsessed with perfection, to the point that you might get a little neurotic (think Monica from Friends). When things aren’t exactly how you want them, you can go a little crazy — and when things don’t go the way you planned, it can hit you hard. Step back, take a deep breath, and remember that life is messy and flawed and disappointing — and honestly, that’s okay. Life isn’t supposed to be perfect. You’re not some god who can control the world. If you get caught up on every tiny detail, you’re going to make yourself miserable and miss out on celebrating the amazing things you’ve actually done. You could really do yourself good by practicing the art of letting things be.


You need harmony to thrive. The problem is, the world is full of a lot of chaos and conflict, and now more than ever. As much as you’d like to bury your head to the terrible things surrounding you, people often turn to you to fix it. Maybe that’s because your incredibly diplomatic and don’t see the world as black-and-white, traits that others find admirable. The problem is that those same people will often come to you in hopes of validation or advice and unintentionally pull you into their own tumultuous drama. Being the peace keeper is a surprisingly stressful job, and as much as you want to bring justice and righteousness into the world, don’t feel bad for walking away from situations that make you feel particularly uncomfortable or upset (or even just ones you don’t have the answers to). You’re a human being, not some sort of robotic judge, and sometimes you have to put your own mental well-being first.


You’re an incredibly intense person, so it’s not particularly surprising that you might struggle with finding happiness. You’re pretty familiar with dark emotions, and incredibly heavy ones at that. Your big problem is that you don’t always know how to express yourself, so most of those big feelings end up festering inside you for far too long. It’s impossible for you to find happiness if you can’t deal with your darker emotions in productive ways, so it’s best to find some sort of outlet, whether that’s a close friend you can trust, a therapist, or even a creative avenue. It’s not going to be an easy task for you — did I mention you’re incredibly intense? — but once you’re able to grapple with all your internal struggles and adequately rid yourself of negativity, you’ll finally be able to let the lighter, happier emotions in.


You have a deep-seated need for freedom, and if you feel stuck in life, you’ll find yourself constantly yearning for something more. It’s hard to be content when all you can think about it what you don’t have. If you’re unhappy in life, it’s probably because you feel like you’re being fenced in and you’re not sure how to break free. Maybe you’re in a work environment that’s too structured or you’ve found yourself tied down in a dead end relationship. Maybe, honestly, you just want something new out of life because you’re tired of what you already have. Find ways to improve your situation by either cutting out the things that make you feel trapped — may I suggest finding a career that isn’t in a cubicle? — or focusing on new projects that make you excited in your free time. Even spending time in new, invigorating environments might help you find your balance. If you feel freer, your heart will feel lighter.


You’re a leader at heart and the type of person who always has a goal they’re climbing towards. The problem is that sometimes you’re so focused on your aspirations that you forget to focus your own wants and needs. You’d choose your work over your emotional wellbeing almost any day, which means there are a lot of internal issues you haven’t quite worked out yet. Your dutifulness might leave you feeling angry or resentful from putting obligatory duties before yourself and your own feelings. Let’s just say you have a lot to unpack, and it’d probably help if you had someone to sort through these darker feelings with. Put aside your pride and talk to a therapist or a life coach. Talk to close friends that you feel comfortable confiding in. One of the worst things you can do for yourself is to ignore that you have emotions you need working through, because you’ll never be truly happy if you don’t.


You’re definitely a quirky one. You have a tendency to resist your own emotions and try to rationalize them as much as you can. This can make you seem detached or uncaring, which is particularly difficult for you because you crave connectedness. You need to feel heard and understood, but you’re not the sort of person for everyone — sorry, but some people just think you’re incredibly weird or too different. Nothing is harder on you than feeling like no one can understand you, and you worry that because of it, you’re unloveable, too. This lack of connection can certainly be the initial thing that leads you down the path to unhappiness, and once you’re there, you may find it difficult to find your way back to a place of emotional harmony. It may help if you focus your efforts not necessarily on trying to get the people you already know to understand your thoughts, but to find a community of like-minded people who won’t need much convincing. You’re not as weird — or alone — as you might thing.


Oh, how much emotion you have! It’s no surprise to anyone that you of all people may be struggling to find happiness in your life, only because you’re the definition of an emotional rollercoaster. Because of that, you tend to attach yourself to people in hopes that they can save you — or, alternatively, that you can save them. Of course, that’s not a very healthy practice, especially when you tend to get so caught up in other people’s emotions. You’re likely to be easily manipulated and used by people with bad intentions, or even people with good intentions — because you have a savior complex, there are going to be plenty of people who feed off your energy in hopes of staying afloat. And while you need to be needed, this can be incredibly draining to you. The first step to happiness is cutting out people who are toxic or too codependent, even if you love them. Especially if you love them. Find stable and emotionally mature friends to spend time with. If the energy around you is peaceful, you’ll find it’s easier to feel at ease with life and work on your own journey toward happiness. [tc-wire]

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