It’s Okay, I’m A Pisces

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My friends always get mad at me for being too indecisive. “Just pick a damn restaurant,” they complain nearly every time we eat out. I guess they don’t understand that, according to the stars, this is how I’m supposed to be. Everyone knows a Pisces just goes with the flow — that’s just what fish do. It’s not really my fault.

It’s like when people accuse me of being flaky. Me, flaky? Of course not. Oh, but yeah, I’m totally gonna cancel plans with you at some point. Probably multiple times, and at least once because some guy sent me a last-minute “wyd?” snap. Maybe I’ll fail to show up for our coffee date and then go weeks without answering a single one of your texts before I hit you up with a “Oh, hey, what’s up?” But, like, that’s not really my fault. I’m a good friend, but I’m also a Pisces. They don’t call us the “slippery fish” for nothing, right?

It’s kind of like how you’ll definitely see me cry at least once. Maybe it’ll be during a movie or when I happen to read a really sad Facebook post while sitting next to you; maybe I’ll just start crying while we’re discussing the current economic state of the country, because, you know, Pisceans can’t really control their emotions. But it’s totally OK, don’t worry! Give me a few seconds and I’ll probably be cracking up over some meme on Twitter that may or may not also make me cry in the future. It’s fine, I’m a Pisces.

But you know, because I’m a Pisces, I make a really great friend. Really, I do. I’ll cry with you when your dog dies and be the first person to message you a single “congrats!” when you graduate med school. I’ll at least pretend to listen to everything you say without cutting you off and I’ll constantly encourage you to tell me more. No, of course that’s not because I’m nosy! I don’t care for gossip, really, I just want to know every single thing about every aspect of your life so I can make connections between your drama and everyone else’s, and also I just want to get to know you better. I mean, I might be so mind blown about something you told me in private that I’ll tell my best friend, but that’s not gossiping, I’m just sharing my knowledge with the world. After all, a Pisces knows many secrets. Most of them are probably safe with me, but also I’m pretty mindless sometimes, so something might slip out now and then. Classic Pisces, right?

I guess I just tend to have information overload sometimes. You know, because being a Pisces, I’m basically an empath. On top of everything I already know, I feel a lot of things, you know? It’s all intuition. Sometimes I think I’m psychic, and one time I met this tarot card reader who totally agreed during my $15 reading. The reason I knew your ex was cheating you was because I had a bad feeling about him, and also partially because Rebecca told me her friend’s boyfriend saw him with some other girl at Shake Shack and we stalked that bitch on Instagram. But, you know, it only verified my suspicions. Pisceans just know.

Anyway, I wish people could understand me better. I just feel like everyone thinks I’m something I’m not, you know? Maybe if they’d take a closer look at my birth chart they’d finally see me for who I really am, which is a Pisces sun with a Leo moon. It feels like whole world is against me sometimes, especially when they call me out for things I can’t control because of the way the stars were aligned when I was born. I don’t know, maybe I’ll go write about it on my Tumblr poetry blog. I just love how I can be honest with all 387 of my followers. Maybe I’ll mention this. It’s cool if I use your full name, right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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