This $12,000 Luxury Festival Turned Into The Modern Day Hunger Games When Attendees Got Stranded On A Remote Island

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Everyone loves a good castaway story, but that doesn’t mean they’d want to live one. Unfortunately for Fyre Fest attendees, they’re going to have firsthand accounts of what it’s like to be stranded on a remote island.

If you haven’t heard of Fyre Fest, all you really need to know is that it’s a luxury festival put on by Ja Rule that cost some people up to $12,780 to attend. The festival lured Instagram-loving Millennials in with the promise of luxury beaches, wild parties, big name concerts and models in bikinis — but when people arrived on their private jets and yachts, that wasn’t quite what they found.

It all started when the main acts began cancelling, and it all went downhill from there.

What was meant to be an Insta-worthy weekend quickly became the equivalent to Lord of the Flies. Not only was the festival canceled, but so were all flights to and from the island, stranding Fyre Fest attendees.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the living conditions were less than glamorous. The “luxury housing” they were promised turned out to be just tents.

The meals they’d been promised were definitely lacking, but what was even scarier was how scarce the food and water was.

And when nighttime came around, not only were people left without electricity, but they didn’t have their luggage, either.

Considering everything they’d been promised, it was more than just a letdown — it was a nightmare.

Worst of all, there wasn’t any beer. Are you telling me you’re going to strand them on an island and you’re not even going to let them drink away their problems?!

The whole thing was definitely a shit show.

Luckily, people have started making their way off the island in small groups. Or, at least, they’ve been trying to.

The whole story is wild, honestly, and I can’t get enough of it.

Hopefully everyone makes it home safely before it really does turn into Lord of the Flies: Ja Rule edition. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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