Netflix Clapped Back At Hulu’s Twitter Diss With A ’13 Reasons Why’ Joke And People Have Mixed Feelings About It

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OK, serious question: who is running all these famous brands’ Twitter accounts, and how can I get them to start tweeting for me?

I mean, we’ve all heard about Wendy’s and their fire tweets that make me feel a strange, conflicting mixture of bewilderment (because when the hell did Wendy’s get good?) and honest-to-god hero-worship. How could a fast food account be so much better than me at, well, everything? HOW?

But now there’s a new brand that’s tweeting its way to Wendy’s-level savagery: Netflix.

It all started when Hulu fired some shots at the rival streaming company with this tweet.

Hulu may have thought it was clever, but they probably didn’t expect Netflix to have the perfect response.

The tweet alluded to the hit Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why, which is just about everything people on the Internet can talk about these days.

Of course, Netflix’s tweet isn’t that original. Similar posts have popped up all over the Internet for weeks.

Some people were thrilled that Netflix picked up on the joke and executed it so beautifully.

Others were, well, not as impressed, considering the “welcome to your tape” reference has to do with a girl who committed suicide and wanted people to understand how their actions drove her to kill herself.

Did Netflix go too far? Or should we take the joke as just that — a joke?

I guess we’ve got to ask ourselves: WWWD (what would Wendy’s do)? Well, we don’t even have to wonder, because even they had something to say about it.

Well, it’s not often that you can say a fast food restaurant helped decide whether a Netflix tweet concerning a joke referencing suicide is tasteless or not. What a world we live in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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