This Girl’s One-Picture Response To Her Cheating Boyfriend Is Everything He Deserved And More

Unsplash / Melody Bates and via DudeComedy

If we’ve learned anything from the Internet, it’s this: if you’re gonna cheat, be prepared to get dragged by your significant other. These aren’t simple times anymore.

This guy learned that the hard way after hooking up with another girl after a night out.

via DudeComedy

The dude was pretty desperate to explain the situation. He swore it didn’t mean anything — it was all the alcohol — but looking at Jess’s lack of response, it looks like she wasn’t buying it.

And then she dropped the biggest bombshell of all:

via DudeComedy

Well, that’s one way to end a relationship.

Ah, drama. When it’s not happening to you, it’s just so, so sweet. TC mark


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