This Girl Thought She Had The Perfect Plan To Cheat On Her BF, But Then She Accidentally Texted The Worst Possible Person

Twitter / Jordan McNelly
Twitter / Jordan McNelly

In today’s digital age, there are plenty of ways people get away with cheating on their significant others. Shocker: one of them is not texting your SO your plans to cheat on them.

But alas, we all make mistakes. Just ask Zoe, who was in the middle of a dilemma involving her boyfriend and her side piece and just wanted to complain to her friend about it — and then accidentally sent the entire message to her boyfriend instead.

Let’s just say her boyfriend Jordan wasn’t very happy. Everyone else was just as shocked as he was.

Some people figured Zoe probably did it on purpose.

Zoe had her own excuses, though. She claimed that the message was just a dream she had been describing to a friend. K.

Safe to say that Jordan just dodged a bullet. Girl, bye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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