This Girl Sent Her Professor An Awkward Email To Explain Her Late Assignment And His Response Is Hilarious

Facebook / Rachel Harriman and Twitter / Rachel Harriman
Facebook / Rachel Harriman and Twitter / Rachel Harriman

Breakups are almost never easy. The emotional toll can leave you distracted and unmotivated, which are terrible things to be when you’re a student. That’s why Rachel Harriman decided to take her heartbreak into her own hands.

After her boyfriend broke up with her, Rachel had a hard time finishing her assignments, so she sent her professor this email.

Rachel posted the email to her Twitter, but she didn’t expect it to go viral. But her letter seemed to inspire the internet, who rallied behind her in her time of need.

I can feel the love from here.

According to Buzzfeed, Rachel’s professor gave her a simple reply: “Well, life happens. Seems like a good time to go to Europe.”

The best part? She got a B+ on the assignment, with no points subtracted for being late. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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