A Woman Was Found Dead After Posting This Final Moving Facebook Post

Facebook / Danielle McLaughlin

British tourist Danielle McLaughlin was found naked and dead in a pool of own blood after attending a Holi celebration in Goa. Her murderer had disfigured her face with a beer bottle and sexually assaulted her.

McLaughlin had been celebrating the Indian holiday on Palolem beach, a popular tourist spot. The next morning, her body was found four miles away in a field, sparking a murder investigation.

Several weeks before the murder, McLaughlin shared her final Facebook post, which announced the trip to her friends and family.

“I am very grateful and the luckiest person I know…” she wrote. “Off on another adventure…”

Police arrested suspect Vikat Bhagat, a local man and known thief. Bhagat allegedly admitted to raping and killing McLaughlin.

Bhagat also supposedly told police that others were involved with the murder, though authorities are skeptical of the claim. Recently, new CCTV evidence surfaced showing the alleged killer following McLaughlin. Though she looked back at him, it isn’t clear if they were there together or if he was stalking her.


About 200 locals and foreign nationals attended a vigil for McLaughlin in Goa. Her mother said she would be “sadly missed.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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