Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Yourself, Based On Your Moon Sign

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Sun Sign vs. Moon Sign

Many people know what their sun sign is because it’s more commonly talked about and discussed in media outlets. Your sun sign indicates certain personality traits and characteristics that fall under each sign and are shared across the board with those who have the same sign as you. On the other hand, your moon sign reveals the “inner you” or in other words, describes who you are deep down inside. Your moon sign tends to reveal the irrational and intuitive side of your personality and character. In short, the moon accounts for your emotion and inner reality.

How To Find Your Moon Sign

It’s simple but many people do not want to take the extra step to find out their moon sign. You will need your astrological natal or birth chart which can be obtained from Chaos Astrology or Astrolabe and input the information or approximates and create your free chart. This free natal report will give you information pertaining to your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign along with additional information about planets at the time of your birth. Some of the free natal birth charts will also provide you with what planets and signs were in what houses at the time you were born, which could depict a more in depth description of your personality.

The Moon in Each Sign

Aries Moon

If your moon sign is Aries, you are likely super impulsive. You do not think twice about decisions you make and plunge head first into anything and everything you indulge in. A lot of the time, you act before thinking which can have potential negative consequences. You do well with tasks and challenges that involve courage and bravery.

Your most admirable talent is your ability to think quickly on your toes. You are spontaneous, energetic and witty. You approach each task or situation in life with a great deal of enthusiasm. You are constantly looking for new things to engage in that may benefit your life or be an advantage of some sort in your life.

You are not concerned with the opinions of other. You need to learn how to be more nurturing as opposed to dominant in relationships. Do not shy away from showing your sensitive and soft side every here and there. You have a tendency to let your emotions take control and act without thinking first.

You are emotionally assertive. Your inner self feels that everything is urgent, including your emotions and feelings. People often mistake you for being emotionless and insensitive but you have a sensitive and soft side to you when you want to let it show.

Taurus Moon

You enjoy good quality things and use them to show off your achievements and accomplishments in life. You stick to routine and when something unexpected happens, you become emotionally upset. You tend to be very stubborn which, as a moon sign, may prevent you from saying what you feel in your heart.

You’re highly unlikely to initiate change as you like things to stay the way they are. You have some difficulty adapting to new conditions. You are good with money and won’t allow your emotions or emotional state to go shopping for you.

You use materialistic things as a way to validate who you are and how far you’ve come from where you were. You give straightforward advice with no sugar coating. You are determined and loyal. You want to have a strong relationship and you are considered dependable and loyal, but you’re likely to remain in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship for the sake of something (such as children or a pet).

Gemini Moon

You seek to learn new things all of the time. Whenever a chance presents itself to learn something such as a skill or theory, you are the first to jump and want in. You believe that knowledge is power.

Having so much information and knowledge, it is not surprising you are very good at sparking up conversations and bonding with new people. You become nervous at the first indication of emotional drama or turmoil. You don’t like to get too involved in heavy emotional things. At the same time, you want to be in the here and now when it comes to gossip. In relationships, you are cautious and do not invest a lot in the beginning in an emotional sense just in case things don’t work out.

Your greatest characteristics of Gemini moon sign is communication, adaptability and willingness to change. First, you have to identify why a change is needed and once that is completed, you’ll be emotionally able to change whatever it is. You need to make sure you conserve energy because when you run on empty, you tend to act emotionally rather than rationally or logically.

Cancer Moon

The Moon rules Cancer so this is considered home base for the Moon. You are deep, sensitive, emotional and tender. In order for you to be happy, you need to feel loved and emotionally supported. You are also very nurturing and kind.

You feel everything intensely and your feelings guide everything you do in your life. You depend on your intuition and instincts when you make choices and decisions. You always know and remember what matters to you the most and those you love and cherish most in your life. You also never forget those who showed you love and support.

Usually you can feel or sense the emotions others are feeling. Domestic security and marriage are important factors to your well-being. Everything you experience is never forgotten and stored in your emotional memory.

Leo Moon

You enjoy being surrounded by good people and pretty much the best of anything and everything. You have balanced and steady emotions. When you love someone, you tend to always have those strong emotional feelings toward them.

Those in your life provide an emotional foundation and are there for every feeling, emotion and challenge. You often care about what others think about you and you want people to admire your success and hard work. You strongly value feedback and validation.

At times, you show your emotions and feelings through grand gestures and acts, which others view as overly emotional. You just want people to approve and admire you.

Virgo Moon

You like everything to be in order and you become uncomfortable around clutter or messes. You offer a helping hand to those you love regardless of how it will affect your schedule. Doing things for those you love and helping them when they need a hand is your way of showing your emotions.

You have a tendency to worry about those you care about in your life. You worry about them being involved in travesties when they aren’t even in the line of fire.

Your emotions run deep but very rarely do you show them because you feel embarrassed. You need intimacy but with a few people. You have a guard up when you are around other people who aren’t in your inner circle. You like to maintain a sense of privacy when around others you don’t know very well.

Libra Moon

You are charming, outgoing and friendly. You are definitely a people person and you feel most content when you are around people. You like relationships but you don’t like it when they get too intense.

You have a tendency to push negative experiences and feelings to the side because you want to share happiness with others. The problem with this is that you never learn how to deal with the negative, which can have ramifications for you and those you love in your life.

Your emotional survival depends more on friendships than romantic relationships. At times you’ll crave a romantic relationship, but you become content with friendships both close and at a distance.

Scorpio Moon

Your emotions are very intense and passionate but you are an extremely private person when it comes to your feelings and emotions. You have so much built up emotion and there are times you feel like you’re going to lose control and explode.

You’re mainly driven by your needs, wants and desires. You are able to be alone but if given the choice, you’d choose to share some of yourself and your life with someone you can trust. You feel a little safer when you’re with someone you trust because you can unleash at least a little of the built up emotion and feelings you have.

You have a unique ability to understand how and why people feel ways they do. You have to make sure you don’t use that type of information against others.

Sagittarius Moon

You are friendly and cheerful. You have a comfortable and laid back energy that you give off. You are not very sentimental and you don’t display your emotions for people to see.

You are able to bond with most people because you’re laid back and open to others and their experiences. You are able to find and receive emotional support much easier than others.

You are adventurous and curious about the world and that feeds into your emotional well-being. For you to be emotionally content, you need to have your freedom to do what you want and explore the world. You have many acquaintances and few close friends.

Capricorn Moon

You are very financially oriented and like to conserve resources. You very rarely choose frivolous over something more meaningful. You won’t throw money away on things that are meaningless.

You have deep emotions and feelings but many other people are more emotional than you. You don’t allow yourself to behave emotionally irrational like others. You take pride in your accomplishments and achievements in life.

You are reserved and cautious so you can protect your feelings and emotions from those who can hurt them. You tend to stick to people who are like you. You like your alone time and this gives you the opportunity to reflect on your feelings and experiences.

Aquarius Moon

You are friendly, generous and socially responsible. Your social conscience is very strong and you have significant involvement with those all around you. You are very giving and being that way gives you a sense of emotional well-being.

You are rarely alone because you’d rather be with people who are compatible as friends. You prefer to have long-lasting friendships and relationships although people tend to go in and out of your life but you still get what you need from those relationships.

You seek freedom of emotional and intellectual expression. Your feelings tend to be cramped and limited. You need the freedom to come and go as you please for your emotional well-being.

Pisces Moon

You are extremely emotional and sensitive. There is no other person that is more emotional than you. You very rarely, if ever, feel embarrassed for having such intense and strong emotions.

You’re choices and decisions are based on your emotions and your emotions drive your behavior. You often act on instinct regardless of whether or not it makes sense logically. You tend to soak up the emotions of others as you feel them so intensely.

You are romantic and sentimental. You cherish the little things in life. You have a vivid imagination. You are kind, sympathetic and creative. Your emotional experiences allow you to be creative and have such a vivid imagination.

Your Moon sign reveals more about your inner self and how your emotions play a role in your life and life experiences. It provides information about your personality and character that aren’t evident on a day to day basis. Your Moon sign is able to provide information about how you will act or behave in certain situations depending on how much emotion is involved.

Your Sun sign and Moon sign are supposed to work together to create a more balanced life for you both externally and internally. When your life is balanced, you are more likely to have and engage in meaningful relationships and friendships. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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