23 Men Reveal The Unique Things That Instantly Turn Them Off A Woman (Even If She’s SUPER Hot)

1. Uninformed Pretentiousness

Your existence doesn’t make you better than everyone else.

It’s funny because Informed Pretentiousness is really sexy to me. I love a knowledgeable girl who is passionate about her interests. Met a girl recently who knew more about cheese than I knew existed. She was telling me why pre-shredded cheese is so bad, and I was swooning.

— Cabrillis

2. Too much makeup

Caked on makeup and large fake nails.

— AlbinoHessian

3. Being “weak and helpless”

Acting like being feminine is the same as being weak and helpless.

— le_fez

4. Eating me (literally)

I was making out with a girl once about to do the deed and out of god damn no where she decides to bite my lip so hard that it tore the webbing behind my lip and it started bleeding. I’m all for playful biting, but this was too much too fast and it killed my boner.

— Rogue_Titus

Twenty20 / @brendanmonahanphoto

5. Not brushing your teeth

Bad Breath. It can make a pretty woman difficult to be around.

— rusty890

6. Too many selfies

Constantly taking selfies / extreme vanity. I one dated a girl who took about 200 pictures of herself a day. Nobody wants to see you that much, ya dick.

— Envoy_to_the_Stars

7. Nagging me

When my wife is really naggy or in an argumentative mood. Almost always afterwords she wants to have fun, but that completely turns me off.

— PanzerBear88

8. Being cruel

Cruelty to anything is a turn off for me. I find that some women up their nose at kids, I understand not wanting to have them but jesus they asked you how you were. Reply to it! It’s just a kid!

— HoldOnOneSecond

9. Being proud of being stupid

Women ok with being stupid. I’m not saying you have to be a genius, but I have a thirst to learn things. I know some people who are content with just not knowing and it drives me up the wall.

— Iliketrainschoo_choo

10. Bad smilies

Gummy smiles. I can’t stand looking at that shit.

— garypip

11. Discussing other dudes’ dicks

Talking about another man’s penis=no more interaction with my penis.

— BeigePhD

12. Gives bad head

A toothy BJ.

— redmeansdistortion

13. Girls who smoke

Smokers, I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes. Same goes for weed, nothing against people that smoke, but I personally don’t enjoy that smell either.

— drummybear67

14. Playing games

Games and relationship tests. Specifically, purposefully withholding sex as a test of relationship strength. In my mind, there’s no clearer way for you to tell me you don’t trust me or care about me, and I don’t have time for that.

Also, any sort of “I thought you would fight for me!” breakup test.

— TexasWithADollarsign

15. Talking “extra” for no reason

Talking extra for no reason.

“I want to do this position with you”


“I want to do this position with you, it was my favorite one to do with an ex cause it hit the spot just right”


— raiden_the_conquerer

16. Being shy in bed

Shyness in bed. Where they proceed to just lay there and want to make you have sex with them rather then them do any work at all. It may be called star fishing but ive always called them logs.

— markoshino

17. Tattoos

Lower back tattoos. Can’t explain why but the second I see a girl with one I immediately lose all interest.

— Cornelius4129

18. Weird smells

Smelling like baby powder. for some reason this smell to me is morbid, and even a girl whos a 10 can look like a 1 if she smells like baby powder. gross.

— zachariassss

19. Saying “no” to everything

I’ve had a couple of exes who said “no” to everything I suggested that we do and then would talk shit about the suggestions.

If we did go out they’d pout about it and insist we leave as soon as possible, or get so drunk that I’d have to carry their assess out in twenty minutes.

They were dumbfounded when I wouldn’t want to have sex with them.

— ReallyBadAtSpelling

20. Can’t small talk

Inability to keep a good conversation going. I legit asked a girl that I matched on tinder once “what blows your mind when you learn more about it?” And she goes “idk” that’s no life I’d ever wanna live

— OhHiSpoons

21. Dank smells

About the only instant turn off that I can’t get over is smell. Automatic. Doesn’t matter how hot you are, if you smell nasty, nothing is happening for me.

— Mehcu

22. Being spiritual

The first sign of a woman being into any pseudo-science horse shit I immediately check out. Nothing screams instability more than a grown-ass woman who truly believes in astrology, anti-vaccine, alternative medicine, psychic mediums, crystals having magic fucking healing powers, etc.

— gookish

23. Too many piercings

Too many piercings. I guess I could live with one on the belly button, or a small one on the nose or something – but big hoops/rings and piercings in … other places (nipples, vag) make me cringe.

— PM_ME_UR_FUNFACTS Thought Catalog Logo Mark