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16 Questions You Should Never Ask Your S/O Unless You Want To Cause A Breakup

Advice from the relationship gurus over at R/AskMen

1. “99% of intimate things related to exes.”

— nickachu_

2. “Whose panties are these?”

— fullofspiders

3. “Asking about sexual history. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to hear about their SO’s past sex life.”

— DJ-Salinger

4. If either partner is insecure and asks questions with the intentions of curbing their insecurity then you’re going down a rough road.

— yessum447

5. “Questions that have only “wrong” answers — the fabled ‘shit-tests’.

— middaysun

6. “‘Are you sure about that?’ or any question that doubts them said over and over again.”

— forestlady

7. “Questions you do not want the answer to.”

— middaysun

8. “Be honest, I won’t get mad I swear. Is my sister hotter than I am?”

— admlshake

9. “‘What would you do if……?’ I really don’t like that game. Especially since one of my guy friends used to do this.”

— a-brown-bear

10. “Which one of my friends would you sleep with? I won’t get mad, I’m just curious…”

— admlshake

11. “When are we getting married?”

— MrGreggle

12. “Are you attracted to my friend/sister/mother/anyone not me?”

— UnstableFlux

13. “‘Do you love me’ type questions followed by ‘how do I know’ type questions. It makes me not only feel insecure, but it also comes off as somewhat manipulative.”

— Jerhed89

14. “Questions regarding exes and prior sexual experiences. Not only questions, but about them talking about it. Do I want to hear about the MMFs you had when you were younger? Hell no.”

— Jerhed89

15. “Penis size questions, or her talking about sex with her ex in detail.”

— Cheryltunt69

16. “A thinly veiled reminder to do some mundane chore. Basically anything that starts with “Why haven’t you…” is poison.”

— KeepersoftheCheese TC mark

Brittany Cox

Ontario real estate specialist. I write relationship advice, #GuysInsight, sex, and snark.

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