22 Non-Sexual Skills That Predict How Good In Bed You Are


These insights brought to you by the sex experts on R/AskReddit

1. Good at massage

2. Knot tying

3. Magic tricks

4. Empathy

5. Knowing how to pet a cat. Cats, like people, are pretty picky about how they like to be touched!

6. Dancing

7. Power cleans

8. Piano playing

9. Ability to eat a banana in one mouthful

10. The ability to listen and to actually pay attention

11. Being able to cook well or to dance well

12. Being able to do something that requires fine motor skills, like sculpting

13. Hula hooping

14. Musicians. They have rhythm and are generally are quite skilled in fine motor skills involving either their tongue or hands

15. Tying a knot in the stem of a cherry with one’s tongue

16. Welding

17. Being a hard worker and determined

18. Know how to arch their lower back

19. Being considerate

20. Someone who plays a stringed instrument or brass instrument is usually good

21. They are a drummer. The rhythm!

22. They’re always smiling Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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