28 Men Reveal The Superficial Traits They Consider Relationship Dealbreakers


If her vagina is too roomy for my penis/my penis isn’t big enough for her vagina. Some people just aren’t a good anatomical match. No judgement.

— Lannister963


Sexual purity.

I haven’t had any past partners, and I’d prefer that she didn’t either.

— seeking_virgin_bride


I won’t date a workaholic. If you’re working 50+ hours a week, I have no interest.

— GunzGoPew


I really like women who are good big sisters – like, who have a little sibling that they support, look out for, etc. I’ve found it to be a really strong indicator that a girl is worthwhile. (Like, has her own life together, and is a good person. I don’t like phrasing it that way, but I’m having trouble doing better.)

Obviously it’s not a strict requirement – not your fault if you’re an only child – but I take it as a huge good sign when I do see it.

Oh, for longterm dating: Must want kids. Absolute dealbreaker if she doesn’t.

— FreakyCheeseMan


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