28 Men Reveal The Superficial Traits They Consider Relationship Dealbreakers


Not just no kids, but never wanting kids as well. Dating while being childfree is tough.

— Attack_Symmetra


I don’t want someone whose had lots of sexual partners.

Just retch at the notion of a girl sleeping around like crazy in her youth then deciding she wants to settle down. And she chooses me for that.


— DredFX


I much prefer promiscuous women to their prude counterparts. I like that they want to get fucked and then choose me, instead like me first and then want to fuck. It’s like going out to eat when your hungry, you go to your favorite restaurant. If you aren’t hungry you can go anywhere because you’re just gonna get a salad anyway. I like being that favorite restaurant.

— easyasNYC


She talks about dick size AT ALL. Not so much as hint about dick size about any guy.

— albatrossG8


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