31 Real Guys Reveal The Excruciatingly Petty Reasons Why They’ve Ghosted A Girl



Her style of texting was really annoying to me and I couldn’t handle it. She would use ellipses as if they were fancy periods and would end everything which could possibly be construed as a question with a question mark. Her use of emojis was also out of hand.

Part of me wonders if I’m really that much of a dick that I would give up on an attractive girl who was interested in me for something so stupid, but I don’t really regret it. Reading her texts would always piss me off.

— Nowhere_Man_Forever


Made too many typos when sexting.

— ForetBlanche


Spoke really fucking whimsically, like super relaxed and floaty way of speaking. At first it was endearing then it was just odd

— Honey-Badger


Made cards and other craft projects stuff, cute and time consuming but made me feel bland

— DopeTrack_Pirate


She would never type the correct Your or Your’re. And when I brought it up one day telling her bad grammar irritates me, she started using “ur” instead of either one.

Broke up with her that same week.

— aahmed3688


She used the word “spontaneous/spontaneously” constantly and never correctly

— le_fez


Her laugh was really really annoying.

— Cairde_Le_Sochair


I watch a lot of PBS and their breaks between programs are like minute long mini-fundraisers that end by thanking donors for making a contribution to the station with a simple “thank you”.

This girl, without fail, would say “you’re welcome” back to the screen…every…single…time. No donation.

Oh, and her smoke alarm was constantly chirping for new batteries.

— thegirlinvisible


His last name didn’t go with my first name (think Julia Gulia) so there was no point in pursuing it further.

— pennynotrcutt


Her text messages read like telegraphs.

— amusedlobster


Because when we were on a date I was doing EVERYTHING. At first it was okay, when you meet somebody who’s pretty good looking and funny and intelligent it takes a while to realize. And then one day it hit me like a brick through the window:

I picked where we met, when we met, I picked the bar we went to and every single decision was just met with a blank stare. Even a simple thing would be this purgatory of guesswork where I’d either have to guess what would be a hit or we’d go through this awful thing say at a bar like:

“Maybe you’d like an IPA?”
“eww I hate beer it’s gross!”
“Fine how about a cocktail?”
“I’m trying to cut down on sugar.”

The thing that did it was we were at dinner when the waiter came to take the order I realized I was expected to order for both of us without even having a discussion like this was the 1950s. I knew I couldn’t do this, I want a partner not a passenger.

— dukeofbun


I hated her haircut.

— outline01


She got out of breath walking up a small hill.

— TheDeviousSandman


She owed me $120 and wanted to pay me back by giving me haircuts.

— TheOtherSantini


Dreamt she got obese, could never look at her the same again.

— Zneds


She was too fucking happy. That was her way of coping with any negative circumstances. She just decided to be happy anyway. Her favorite color was yellow because it made her think of smiley faces. She was 20, and she was really nice. Happy, even.

— VanillaBearRises


Ate with her mouth open. If I wanted to look at a cow masticating I’d work on a farm.

— LateralLimey


She overused the word “like”

— FlapJackSam


She would take the lid and straw off the fast food cup and drink it like a glass.

— pennynotrcutt


Met her on Tinder. Heard her talk with a shitty accent on the first date. There was no second date.

— n0ggy


One of her dogs had really matted hair. I felt bad for it but you can’t really take someone’s dog to the groomers so I dipped out instead

— datone


She used the word “Mansplaining” to complain about that time her landlord had told her to pick up her hair after showering, after he had to unclog the drain.

Lost all respect for her.

— ApexHunters


She sent me a pic of her nails right after she had them done and was super happy with how they came out. All I could think of was that she had ugly hands.

— gimpy19


Her vagina smelled really really bad and I just couldn’t get it out of my head

— tenders11


She ate her peas one by one

— sars445


Her friends were morons, and something about the way she texted…..like everything had an underlining sense of insecurity….where are you, who with, when this, etc….

— Chitowngaming


Bad teeth always gets me.

— Satherton


She was gaining weight while I was losing it. I got more looks from other, more attractive women.

I wanted to fuck those women. So I broke up with the girlfriend to do so.

No ragrets.

— ArcSharc


She started crying because our professor gave her harsh criticism on a project. I’m not sure why but after that moment, I lost interest.

— LastDerivative


She would talk during movies and TV shows.

— humanisthank


She ordered a vegan pizza. Tasted like feet. Can’t. Won’t.

— PM-ME-UR-ELBOWS007 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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