17 Men Reveal The Most Brutal Way A Girl Has Ever Broken Up With Them



In high school my ex broke up with me by texting me on christmas morning at like 7am to tell me she was leaving me for some other dude (who I later found out she was cheating on me with).

That was fun

— PlanetaryGenocide


After 2 years with her I got a text in the middle of the night that said “I have a new boyfriend now”. So that was pretty weird and unexpected.

— chubbyurma


I met a girl when she was a couple months pregnant, fell pretty hard. Helped her through the process, ended up even being her birth partner. Cutest kid. I did everything right, was very supportive, a life saver when she wasn’t able to get around by herself.

Anyway, she works through PPD. After that, we’re still going strong, the cute kid helps. Come Christmas time, we’re house sitting, with the kid, having a great time. Exchange gifts, the whole works. I go to work one day, stop a friend’s house on the way home. Sending her texts but I’m getting terse comments in reply. I figure she’s just busy or something, get going.

I walk through the door, and everything is just gone. All the baby stuff, stroller, walker, everything. All hints of her and the baby have just been vacuumed up. A little note left on the counter, saying “Nice knowing you.”

T_T most awkward thing in the world was having to tell people when they asked about the cute little baby they’d had the chance to meet.

She ended up giving the kid up to her parents, getting married, getting divorced, and this was all in the last 2 years.


— Siliceously_Sintery


Wasn’t even really told. Just got blocked.

She had moved to Brisbane 3 months earlier, I had been visiting every second week. She became real close to another guy, didn’t bug me, I trusted her. But at the same time I felt like something was off. At the time I wasn’t sure if my discomfort was a result of adjusting to long distance or jealousy so I just left it. One afternoon I get off work, try to text her and she’s blocked me on facebook. Blocked my number. Everything.

Got a text later that night from her new boyfriend saying “don’t bother visiting”, along with a bunch of pictures of them fucking…

That sucked.

— iLikeAssFightMe


She started being a huge bitch while I was on vacation with my family to try to get me to break up with her. When I figured out that’s what she was doing I convinced her we should stay together. We made it another month and she started doing the same thing – and also cheated on me with one of my best friends.

— whatswhat61


GF of a few months went to Paris with some friends (1:20h flight from here) and by pure chance met her ex who had left her before.

She came back explaining she would leave me for the chance of being with him again after they fucked around in Paris.

It was pretty bad. Being cheated on and broken up with. In the long run it was for the best. She stayed single for many years.

— GYN-k4H-Q3z-75B


Was with a girl for ten years. Out of nowhere one day she picks a fight with me over nothing, screaming at me and trying to get me to yell back but I wouldn’t. She says she’s staying at a friends house if I’m going to act that way. I told her fine but if you leave you’re not coming back. A switch flipped like that’s exactly what she was waiting for, packs all her stuff and starts leaving.

At this point I’m freaking out and asking why she’s throwing away ten years of our lives. She just smiles and said she doesn’t love me, I ask since when she says she never had. I tell her she’s destroying me, I love her very deeply and need her, again just a smile before she says, “I know that’s why I’m leaving.”

Got in her car blocked my number and drove off, never to speak to me again. I hear from friends later that she’s telling people I was emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive, also I cheated on her. None of that was true not sure why she said it. That was a year and a half ago and I still feel completely broken by it.

— cvb457


She cheated on me after 5+ years of dating but still refused to break up (she was “confused”), so I had to do it.

So not only did I have to be upset about the fact she cheated, but also had to deal with her negative reaction to me breaking up with her.

Dodged a bullet, though, I don’t talk to her anymore but heard through a mutual friend she cheated on 2 other dudes she dated after me. Glad I didn’t listen to her pleas to take her back.

— CardinalsFanatic


I was pissed off she wouldn’t cut ties with her ex (eg he would beg, and she would say “maybe”) so I told her to leave and come back when she was done with him.

So she went straight to my roommate and fucked him.

— PolloMagnifico


She studied abroad in Russia for severals months, did not hear from her ONCE throughout the entire trip other than the initial “hey I’m in Russia now” phone call. When she came back, I was pissed that I was ignored the entire time and she acted like we were broken up, so basically we “broke up” when she left to study abroad without my knowledge.

— ChompRock


After dumping me she immediately ran over and kissed the dude she cheating on me with. She looked as happy as happy could be.

— Cornelius4129


In my second year of college I was sorta seeing this girl. We had hooked up a few times, had sex once, but I wasn’t really really into her. She felt that, and one day she had a conversation with me telling me that she wanted me to be more involved in the relationship. Her dorm neighbor was hitting on her, and if I didn’t want to lose her I needed to be more involved.

So I tried to be, and it went apparently fine. A few weeks later she invited me to her place on a sunday night and told me she was making me tartiflette, a very nice dish which I love. I arrive at her place, and the tartiflette is disgusting. But she’s dressed super sexy, and keeps flirting with me during the meal.

After the meal we sit down on the couch, begin to talk and we come closer and closer. At one point she tells me “Hey, do you remember I told you about my neighbor who was hitting on me, and I couldn’t choose between you and him?”. With a smile, I said yes and began leaning in to her. She told me “Yeah, and I chose him”.

I was completely flabbergasted, I left after 5 minutes and went home by walking. To this day, I still don’t know why she did all that.

— organichewn


Dated a girl for about a year, so I decided we should start talking about expectations and plans. Not marriage, but just making sure we have long-term potential.

Well, she kinda visibly deflated (figuratively of course), and said she doesn’t see long-term potential with me. After a long conversation, in which I explained that from conversations we had shared, I thought our long-term goals, world-views, and career plans were pretty well-aligned, she goes on to explain that it’s not the big things, but the little things. Things like the fact that my car is always dirty (I’m a soccer coach), I make a mess when I cook (she doesn’t cook because it’s messy), I sweat in my sleep, and while my spontaneity is fun, it makes her worry that I’m undependable. She said she loves me, and has never enjoyed spending time with a guy as much as me, but would get tired of “that stuff” after enough time.

Basically, all the little details that make me who I am aren’t worth all the things that make me a good boy-friend. That was a BIG ego killer…

She’s now engaged to the antithesis of me: a short, bald real-estate developer that she even admits has no sense of humor and isn’t the best kisser. But he’s comfortable and provides security, which I must admit that I don’t.

— 91Bolt


For the whole time we were together she kept getting calls from her ex-bf. Dude was a real piece of shit. She was his girl on the side, he knocked her up, called her a slut and said it wasn’t his, she miscarried, and he tried to start things back up with her, after saying he wanted nothing to do with her when she was pregnant.

Once we became “facebook official” she started getting calls from him calling her a bitch and saying she should come back to him, only he can make her happy, etc. I told her to just block his number but she kept saying “I’ve never done that to anyone, I just want him to respect my decision”. Shortly after that he started showing up to her house when she wasn’t there. She said he was on really good terms with her dad so he was just stopping by to say hi to him.

I told her that this made me really uncomfortable and that I wanted him out of the picture, which she threw in my face telling me I was being paranoid and that she was done with him. Yeah, we all know how this ends. “I still have feelings for him”, I was out of her life. The icing on the cake was when I found a coat her dad had let me borrow a couple of weeks later and called her to see if he wanted it back. She had blocked my number. He treated her like garbage and she still had feelings for him, he didn’t even take her to the hospital when she was having a severe allergic reaction because he was busy playing xbox. I treated her like a princess and I got blocked.

The story has a happy ending though. I’m in a dream relationship with a girl that blows me away with how amazing she is. Both of us are excelling at our dream jobs and looking into where to buy our first house. I don’t know, nor particularly care where my ex is, but as far as I know she’s still a cunt.

— Bilbo332


I invited my then GF over for dinner. I was going to cook for her. She doesn’t show up, isn’t answering texts and calls. Doesn’t answer me for a week saying she thinks we should end it. By the end of the week though I was like yea no shit.



One time I walked in on my ex with another dude. And I had specifically asked her not to talk to this dude. And that’s when I learned a very valuable lesson: never ever ask a girl not to talk to a specific person. Because they will seek out that person like they are the only water source in a nuclear wasteland.

— danielsucksvagin


So I was seeing a girl in college. A girl had roommates. My friends all start seeing her roommates. One big happy group spending their days in one big happy house where said girls lived.

These guys were my friends through my childhood and teen years, very close. Well one of us was having some mental health issues, things got really dark, and he took his own life. I got the phone call from his parents and flipped into autopilot, ended up having to tell the other guys, his roommates, even his girlfriend. I cleaned out his filthy room of all the mess and drug paraphernalia. Tough shit, don’t remember that entire day except one part. After a day of breaking bad news, all I wanted was to go back to stay at my girls place where all my friends were.

I knocked quite a bit. I called, texted, nothing. Chain smoking in the cold, I finally got ahold of one of my friends. Apparently the girl I was seeing didn’t want to see me. So I walked home and slept alone. Eventually just stopped trying to contact her. Damaged my relationship with these guys I had called my brothers my whole life, too. Instead of supporting me, they took her “side” because the people the got comfort from lived in the same house as her. Never felt so outcast in my life. Came close to suicide a few times in the years after.

I get that she wasn’t into me if I was grieving, fine. But don’t just discard people like that. If she could have just helped console me for a week, even just one night, I would have seen the decency in that. But no. Not one word. Not one acknowledgement. Completely thrown away. She literally replaced me within the month with a guy who has THE SAME NAME, looked like me, studied the same major, and was from the same general area. Made some poor decisions to cope.

Over the next few years I continued to run into her around the city. In my anger I thought she was callous but eventually realized it was shame. She was afraid of damaging a fragile person and made a cowardly decision. I’ve forgiven her and moved on. We were only seeing each other for a few months and I held onto that anger for too long. Although, my relationship with my male friends from that time has all but disintegrated. For the best I guess. Those years taught me resilience and thus I’ve come along way. They all ran to comfort and they are still in our tiny home town.

Doing much better now!

— FernsAreFine Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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