16 People Reveal How They *Finally* Got Over The Hardest Breakup Of Their Life

Brandon Stanciell
Brandon Stanciell


“Cutting all ties with them, it’s very difficult, but just do it. It helps so much in the long run.”

— ChuckEnderton


“Time. The ultimate answer is time. No matter how hard it is, it will get better by itself. Just don’t get too invested and stalk her Facebook and you will be fine sooner or later. Guaranteed.”

— Shoben


“Finding a hobby.”

— ThisBolognaSandwich


“Still getting over it. Just take it one day at a time. Today I will do something to improve myself. Tomorrow I will do something else to improve myself. Until so many days have passed, and so much has been accomplished, that person seems like from another life ago. Time and change.”

— MatasterMatt


“Blue Planet and Planet Earth one. The first two or three days of my break up were unbearable.. and I watched these DVDs on repeat, it was the only thing that helped slow my heart rate and stop the crying.

Once the crying stopped, I decided to work on myself and went to therapy. I spent as much time as possible with friends, not being alone really eased me into being ok with being alone and not spiraling.

Just making plans for the future really helped me move on.”

— Bodymindisoneword


“Spent a lot of good quality time with friends, talked it out, got involved in different activities I love doing and eventually moved on.”

— tengolacamisanegra


“Sleeping with as many women as possible.”

— pteawesome


“Parents that love me. Friends that love me and told me they’re glad i got out of the relationship before it got worse. They let me stay at their place on the weekends so i didn’t have to be alone.

Then it was getting back into shape to spite her. And to work through the anger and sadness.

I also focused more on my hobbies than the breakup. It’s true; you can’t frown on a motorcycle.

Aside from all that, time really does heal the wound. Even if it’s cliché as hell.”

— TheRealirony


“Cut off all ties. no text or emails. Cold turkey cut off, then in time its amazing how you can be friends and be totally over them. Took me years though.”

— mypinkskull


“Finding a new girl. However this can be hard if you’re still comparing every potential romantic partner to your ex.”

— PmButtPics4ADrawing


“The fact that I was cheated on. That made it easy to move on. And I just happened to have a month long stay in Minnesota coming up which helped greatly. Being surrounded by complete strangers where no one knew me and I could act in whichever manner I wished without social repercussions.”

— loverofaltmedicine


“Working out. Focusing on myself, I was with my now ex-boyfriend for two years, we broke up and it was super hard because I was so use to having him around, but I couldn’t go back it wasn’t healthy. So every time I wanted to talk to him I would go on a run, or workout. I lost 40 pounds and I was so happy being just by myself.”

— tacosbetheshit


“Time and manic yardwork. I hate that time is what helps the most bc I am impatient, but it really does. So find a distraction to get you through the waiting.

Also, nix the social media.”

— baydinosaur


“Running. I took on every spare shift at work I possibly could, and then to fill the hours between sleeping and work, I’d go for a run. First a mile, then two or three, eventually seven, eight, ten. I was experiencing so much emotional pain that I wanted to cause myself physical pain to distract from it, but also knew that wasn’t healthy. Running was the best middle ground I could find.”

— erikarew


“Boulder climbing. Excellent sport, great meditation, lots of cute climber fish in the sea.”

— i_like_to_reddits


“Whenever I thought about the other person I took a moment and honestly wished them well, even when it hurt. I think it really works — after the initial pain fades you’re left thinking well of someone instead of wronged by them, and we went on to remain really good friends.”

— Pays_in_snakes Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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