9 Men Talk About Why They Think They Broke Up (And Then The Women Give THEIR Version)


1. Brad and Sarah

Dated: November 2015 — April 2016

Brad’s story

Like…I don’t even know where to start. Sarah was always controlling of my behavior, asking where I was going, who I was hanging out with. There was no trust, no trust at all. One time she even asked to see my phone…like no way. You need trust in relationships, so when she broke up with me I was kinda relieved, to be honest.

Sarah’s story

He was constantly talking to other women. It wasn’t a matter of him catching up with old friends or hanging out with his friends that are girls. I mean, he would ditch me on weekends to go to the bars with his friends and flirt with girls there. When I tried to have a mature conversation with him about it, he totally blew me off.

2. Ben and Savannah

Dated: December 2014 — July 2015

Savannah’s story

Ok my story is super short. Basically, I came home from work early and found Ben fucking some other woman in our bed! Like, how much more story do you need? He was literally having sex with someone else — and NO we did not have an open relationship. God, he’s a fuck.

Ben’s story

Yeah, so I made a tiny mistake, but you can’t go into it without context. Savannah had been literally ignoring me for weeks — no sex, no conversation, just silence. It was basically abuse, if you want to be 100% honest. So after taking all of that abuse, I ran into an old flame who treated me like an actual human. I’m not proud of how things played out, but if she thinks the breakup was my fault, she’s NUTS.

3. Chad and Becca

Dated: Not provided

Chad’s story

She actively pushed me away. No matter what I did, I was being “stubborn” and “unsupportive.” If I disagreed with her, I was always trying to start a fight. If I agreed with her, I was being snippy and passive just to get sex. It was a nightmare tbh.

Becca’s story

We drifted apart. Over time we realized that we just weren’t that similar to each other.

4. Shawn and Sam

Dated: August 2015 — May 2016

Shawn’s story

I actually met Sam on Grindr, and he like never got off. (Editor’s note: Grindr is a gay dating / hookup app). For a long time our relationship was really good, but it became really obvious that he was talking to people on the side and maybe sleeping with them too. When I tried to have a conversation about it, I was always dismissed as “paranoid” or “not trusting” so I let it go. I let it go for wayyyy too long. I broke up with him after I saw a dick pic (not mine) in his photo gallery.

Sam’s story

I mean, I think we just started dating with different intentions. Shawn never explicitly said I wasn’t allowed to talk to other guys, and there was never any trust. He wanted an excuse to leave me, so he snooped through my phone and invaded my privacy. I hope he grows up a little before his next relationship.

5. David and Lauren

Dated: March 2016 — August 2016

Lauren’s story

I don’t know why we broke up. I literally have no idea. He just texted me one day and said it wasn’t working out.

David’s story

I mean, you’re changing the names right? I mean, the sex was bad. Like it was really bad. Like, unsalvagable. The situation was shitty, but there was no getting out of it. And I’m not going to roast someone’s self-esteem. I just needed out.

6. Rob and Justine

Dated: May 2015 — November 2016

Justine’s story

He was just very unsupportive of my career. I was always so excited about a new job or opportunity, and he kept pushing me to work less. It really sucked, because so much else about the relationship worked.

Rob’s story

Justine is great, honestly, I wish her the best in everything. I probably still love her in a lot of ways but our values weren’t going to match up long-term. She was really passionate abour her job and work, and I really want a wife who is focused on the home. Like, maybe having a part-time job or going back to work when the kids are older, but I want my kids to have a stay-at-home mom. It just wasn’t going to work, which is sad, because she’s a brilliant person.

7. Matt and Tori

Dated: January 2015 — December 2015

Tori’s story

He just…he just wasn’t that interested in the world. He was so insular, so isolated, so….self-focused? It got so frustrating. I would try to talk about something on the news or some new idea I learned in school, and he would just basically say nothing mattered. I’m hoping to get a job in non-profit work after graduating, and I just couldn’t stay with someone who just doesn’t….care about anything.

Matt’s story

I was never good enough, I was never smart enough, I was never interested enough. I tried to care about the things Tori cared about BECAUSE she cared about them, but it was never enough.

8. Dave and Irani

Dated: October 2014 — December 2015

Irani’s story

I did not get along with Dave’s family at all. They were, honestly, very rude to me and did not respect me at all — and he went along with it! Ughhhhhh I’m cringing just remembering it. He told me to just ignore them, but like WTF?

Dave’s story

When I started dating Irani I didn’t know she was some “social justice warrior.” Everything offended her, everything made her mad, everything was some tremendous disrespect toward her. My family likes to joke around, and I need to date someone who likes to joke around.

9. Frank and Megan

Dated: August 2016 — September 2016

Megan’s story

LOL where to even start? From the start Frank said he wanted a “real” relationship. I communicated VERY clearly that that was what I wanted too. Surprise, surprise, he just wanted to fuck. I hate men.

Frank’s story

She was talking about how she wanted kids in like week two.. Too much commitment too fast. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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