14 Things He Should Know About You Before He Tries To Take Off Your Pants

iStockPhoto.com / Eva Katalin Kondoros
iStockPhoto.com / Eva Katalin Kondoros

1. Your name. No brainer — he should know your name, he should know who you are.

2. Your favorite something. He doesn’t necessarily need to know your entire life story, or be able to rattle off lists of facts about you. But he should remember something that you’ve said. A favorite color, a favorite song on the radio, a favorite season.

3. What places you like to eat at. He should have a basic idea of where he could take you to dinner or lunch.

4. Your opinion on the Kimye vs. Taylor drama, or other related current event. He should’ve taken the time to talk to you about something deeper than just the weather. Maybe that’s celebrity news, current events, or whatever — but he needs to have taken the time.

5. Your hometown. Rarely do conversations last very long or go very deep without talking about where we are from. It isn’t that hard to remember this!

6. What you do for a living. Are you in school? Are you working full-time? Where do you work? Do you like it? These are things that should come up in an in-depth conversation with someone you have a connection with.

7. A short term goal. What do you hope to accomplish in the next year or so? Are you angling for a promotion at work, or do you want to travel somewhere new?

8. A long term goal. What is your kinda crazy, super big goal for life? Do you want to open your own cafe? Do you want to spend a year traveling the world? These come up in conversation all the time, all it takes is remembering it.

9. Something that always makes you laugh. Is is an inside joke between the two of you or just something funny you’ve experienced together? If he knows how to make you laugh, he knows something very important about you.

10. A skill that you’re proud of. He should know SOMETHING that you are proud of being able to do. Make you are a great writer, or dancer, or a great chef — whatever.

11. Favorite music or movie. What do you like to watch or listen to? He should know what to put on the radio when you guys are cruising.

12. Hottest Instagram filters for you. They have to be able to get that perfect pic of you, of course!

13. Favorite cuddling position. For after the sex, of course.

14. Your expectations. Last, but certainly not least, before sleeping with you any man should know your expectations. Are you looking for a one night thing, or do you want something more? Making sure your expectations line up is vital to making sure you both are happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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