11 People Talk About The Crazy-Ass Times A Friend Tried To Steal Their Significant Other

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1. Forgot to invite me…

Something similar happened to me with a friend. He was not a very close friend but I hung out with him a lot because he was new in town and I wanted him to meet people.

He started inviting my girlfriend to drinks and forgetting to invite me as well. She let me know and he acted like it was all a misunderstanding. Time has passed and my girlfriend of the time and myself broke up and are both in new relationships. I still talk to her and apparently he tried his luck with her as soon as we broke up, and when she turned him down tried to hook up with her best friend. Now he tries to invite me to hang out every now and then and doesn’t take the hint when I don’t answer.

Classy guy.

— YouMightGetIdeas

2. I was literally so close.

I wouldn’t call it a relationship but a close friend in college did snatch a girl I was working on literally after we got back from our first date. She wanted ice cream and they had some at his apartment and then somehow they ended up over there having ice cream and fucking. Just a one night stand sort of thing. Ironically afterward she spread some pretty nasty rumors about his dick size and endurance level.

Like I said it wasn’t my girlfriend or anything, but I was pretty pissed and our friendship was never quite the same again despite there never being any sort of confrontation or blow up over the incident. In fact, we’re the only two in that friendship group that actually live in the same city and we don’t speak. In hindsight, she chose to do this so I can’t exactly put the full weight of it on him either.

— Klx3908

3. Sweet talk

Yes, decades ago. He smooth-talked her into the sack while I was away, she went along with it, and I haven’t seen either of them since.

— handshape

4. This kid has no class

Sophomore year of college my girlfriend told me one of my friends was hitting on her and it was starting to creep her out. I had known the guy probably 10 years and though he was a good guy and basically told her that he had to just be messing with her. We were all at a party and she calls my phone and when I answer I hear her and this guy talking and figure she must have it on speaker.

I’ll give the guy a little credit he was laying it on thick even with her trying to shut it down. When I came in the room he jumps back away from her and tries to tell me she was coming on to him. I showed him my phone and told him I heard it all and he should leave. That was the last time I talked to him.

— Quiet_Lover

5. “Fucking my boyfriend under my roof”

Yeah. Best friend was fucking my boyfriend under my roof when we all lived together. Boyfriend slipped and called me her pet name once and I asked her the next day. She started it with “don’t be mad…”

So that turned into him sleeping in her bedroom once I had now found out, but he would still crawl in bed with me if her and I weren’t working the same schedule that day.

Eventually, she joins the Air Force. When she came back from basic training, he tried to trap her at his mom’s house way out in the middle of nowhere (she sold her car prior knowing she wouldn’t be stationed near where we lived) and I ended up having to drive out to pick her up like she was escaping a polygamist lifestyle in Colorado City or something. She managed to sneak out and I had to take my parent’s car so he wouldn’t immediately recognize me driving by to find wherever she was hiding on the side of the road with her shit.

It was really weird and not a side I had ever seen of him in the three years I had known him. He was really torn up about her leaving and played all these stupid sappy Coldplay songs and shit.

They were off and on while she did her specialized training stuff. At some point she flew him out to her (one way ticket) when they had started talking again after a few years. She told me she sent him home the next day after making him sleep on the sofa.

He’s still just as lame as when we were together nearly 15 years ago. Four kids with four different baby mommas in three states. No child support on any of them, but he does love with momma #4, so I guess that counts. He’s doing some tile apprenticeship now and is all excited about how he finally has a career and constantly was posting all the jobs he was doing before he unfriended me for the dozenth time. (I liked keeping him on FB for the lulz.)

— penguin_apocalypse

6. He told my GF that I was leading her away from God

This guy has been one of my best friends ever since I can remember, but a few years ago, I was seeing a girl. I mean, seeing isn’t a strong enough word, we’d been together for over a year at that point, and were connected at the hip, practically. At the time, my buddy was going through a lot of really weird spiritual stuff that I’ll never understand, but he had plans on going to the seminary. One night, me and her got really drunk, (he was sober) and he separated her from me and told her that I was ‘leading her away from God,’ and that the ‘path that followed me led straight to hell.’ He told her that if she left me, he’d leave the seminary to be with her.

She reacted horribly, I’m pretty sure she hit him, and she came back to me and hid behind me the rest of the night. I didn’t know what happened until a week later, because me and him had a road trip planned and she didn’t want to ruin it. This ended up being part of what split us up; I just wanted to cut him out of my life, and she wanted me to beat the shit out of him. But I figured beating his ass would have been evidence that I WAS truly a terrible person in his head.

He’s still a good friend, but we never, ever talk about this. If he ever does say anything about it, I’m just going to ignore it. She ended up losing what made me care about her, and he ended up being a holier-than-thou jackass. I didn’t leave her until 6 months later, but I should have known it was over that night. I lost the two most important people to me that night, and a little over two years later, I still haven’t really recovered. But I’m trying.

— JustHadaGusgasm

7. Got dumped for D&D guy

He wasn’t a super close friend but he was a friend. I was in an exclusive relationship with “Charlotte” for about eight months who, among other things, was into probability-based RPGs (Dungeons & Dragons, etc). I knew how to play those games but wasn’t into them. My friend “Mark” was very into them — painted figurines, costumes while playing, the whole deal. Whenever we were in a social situation Charlotte and Mark would invariably end up talking shop to each other about these games. They traded phone numbers and Charlotte would occasionally join in on one of Mark’s games. I was not at all threatened by this given that several of my other friends were also playing the same games at the same time.

For her birthday, we made plans to meet at a movie theater to see a film, then head off to a nice dinner afterward. On the day of her birthday, I went to the theater as planned…and was stood up. Charlotte never showed up. (This was prior to the days of cell phones.) I drove home and called her up but got her machine so I left a message. I left one or two more messages before going to bed.

Early the following morning, still not having heard from her, I drove to Mark’s house. I knew that the night before was Mark’s regular game night and intended on asking him if he’d heard from Charlotte. I pulled into his driveway to discover Charlotte’s car there, with morning dew still on the stone-cold hood. She’d spent the night there.

I drove home, then called Mark. When he answered I simply said, “Let me talk to her.” About a minute later she got on the phone. I asked her if she had anything to say to me, and she was silent. I asked her if she loved Mark, and she said she didn’t know. I told her good-bye. She told me to wait, then paused, and said that she did love him. I said good-bye again. That was the last time I spoke to her. Later on that day I learned that several of my friends knew there was something building between them but said nothing, and over the next day or so the gossip engine kicked in and my entire social circle knew what happened. Not too long after that, I dropped out from that social circle altogether, for that and other reasons.

Much later on — like, 10+ years later — I found out that Charlotte had sequentially dated/fooled around with/fucked many (9 confirmed people, several others suspected) of the male population of my social circle over the course of about 18 months following our breakup. As a result, she was instrumental in spreading a few STIs amongst them.

— bubonis


He was my roommate.

I was dating a somewhat unstable girl who was raised by a single dad. She was a stage five clinger and we had plenty of problems as a couple.

They “developed a friendship” based around complaining about me. He fed her info on every bad thing I did when she wasn’t there, with intent to get her to cheat on my with him.

She did cheat on me, but not with him — he was repulsive. I dumped both of them.

— SacredWeapon

9. This actually worked out pretty well

Yes, I had a friend who hooked up with a girl I was seeing. We weren’t quite in a relationship, but definitely dating. Enough so that when it happened she told him not to tell me since she likes me. Sure, it sucked when I found out; but, I can’t imagine his feelings when she told him that.

Luckily, I found out about 3 months after her and I ended things (she didn’t want a relationship with me but was very honest about it). We’re all still friends. He’s still my best buddy. Her and I talk occasionally but were pretty good friends when I was still in the same state. I ended up making out with her a few more times, so did my buddy and her.

— mudra311

10. I punched him in the face

It wasn’t a close friend but in high school one of my friends would message my girlfriend how much he loved her and how she’d be better off with him over me.

I told him to stop, he refused, so I punched him in the face. We fought, and when my girlfriend found out about it later, she broke up with me because she didn’t like me fighting.

— frumious88

11. I was the “other man”

This all happened about a year ago. I met a friend of a friend and his wife and we all became really tight. She’s a sex coach and also a masseuse so I would go get massages and then hang out or we’d all go rock climb together. She and I have the same sexual fetishes and he doesn’t. Also, they’re in a sort of open relationship where they have a girlfriend. She started coming on to me pretty hard. Flirty messages, letters, sexual comments.

Anyway, one night she tells me he’s cool with us playing just doesn’t want to know what we do. I think it’s believable. I was naive. I held the guilt for six months before deciding it was best to tell him. I didn’t tell him she lied. He hates me now and I think he may have been the best friend I’ve ever had. Never convince yourself that something is true even if a hot naked girl is telling you.

— kalmned Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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