31 One-Sentence Reminders For When You Are Feeling Like You’re Not Quite Enough

1. You will never be good enough for yourself when your goal is to be good enough for someone else.

2. Those who have no intention of seeing your worth will not see it, no matter how much mental and emotional gymnastics you do to try to convince them.

3. The measure by which you are determining your enough-ness is probably skewed.

4. You’re paying attention to what you aren’t more than what you are.

5. Maybe the problem is that you’re not recognizing and appreciating how far you’ve actually come.

6. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, some are more pronounced than others.

7. You have failed in some ways, and that is OK.

8. You are imperfect in some ways, and that is OK.

9. If the only way you see yourself is through the lens of what you still have to fix, you will never be at peace.

10. If you are trying to hold onto expired ideals, the body of your high school years, the carelessness of your college years, the freshness of a brand new relationship… you are setting yourself up to fail.

11. If your self-worth keeps shifting based on who you spend time with, maybe it’s time to stop only seeing yourself through other people’s eyes.

12. The untrained mind will always wander to what’s potentially wrong, this is something you have to work on, and adjust.

13. Low self-esteem is just as much a result of not challenging oneself as it is holding oneself to unrealistic standards; the two tend to happen at once.

14. Confidence is built from the outside in.

15. If you really want to heal this, you are going to have to go out in the world and actually prove to yourself that you are capable and loved.

16. You’re a smart person, and you’re not going to fall for a vague notion of unconditional love for yourself when you have nothing to back it up.

17. Sometimes the most profound way you can love yourself is by calling yourself out on where you still need to change and grow.

18. Sometimes the problem is just that those who didn’t see your worth trained you to ignore it, too, in an effort to earn their love.

19. What if your goal was to earn your own love instead?

20. You are absolutely never going to feel good enough if you are trying to master something that you are not here to master.

21. You are absolutely never going to feel good enough if you stay stuck in a relationship you are not meant to be in.

22. You are absolutely never going to feel good enough if you keep trying to do things you don’t actually want to do.

23. To truly discover your self-worth, you have to unearth your unique talents, the gifts you have to offer yourself, and then the world.

24. Unreasonably high self-esteem and unreasonably low self-esteem are the same thing.

25. The goal isn’t to be obsessed with yourself, it’s to come to a place of neutrality.

26. You did this naturally when you were a child, try to remember how you felt about yourself then.

27. If you are uncomfortable, it means that there is still growth for you to do.

28. Sometimes, that growth is a shift in your perspective, or your perception.

29. Maybe you don’t need to change the way you look, or how much money you make, or what work you do.

30. Maybe the real game-changer is going to be the moment you appreciate what you already do and already have.

31. Maybe the moment everything changes for you is the moment you decide to stop being someone else’s ideal, and figure out what yours is.

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