13 Reasons Why Men Who Marry Empaths End Up The Happiest

1. They hold you accountable.

Empathetic people misunderstood for just being overly sympathetic – in reality, empaths can intuit what you’re going through, and they’re going to hold you accountable for fixing it. Being sympathetic is just to “feel bad” for someone.

2. They don’t tolerate self-serving negativity.

Empaths are more sensitive than other people, and this is a great thing. They aren’t going to tolerate you consistently complaining without making change, judging without checking yourself, or worrying without cause.

3. They are mindful of what, and who, enters your home.

Empaths understand that what you give your energy to ultimately determines the quality of your life. They are more careful about what, and who they spend their time with and on.

4. They are naturally motivated to consider the wellbeing of the whole.

Empaths are tribe-minded. They care about everyone flourishing and learning to thrive, not just themselves.

5. They are more efficient at working through disagreements.

An empath can literally put themselves in your shoes, and so they are better able to work through disagreements that may arise, because it is easier for them to see where you’re coming from, and then respond accordingly.

6. They are better able to appreciate the simple joys in life.

Empaths are sensitive, which means that though they take life’s low moments harder than others, they also embrace joy more than anyone else. There is nobody that appreciates the simplicity of a peaceful life than an empath.

7. They make amazing parents.

The most common grievance that people have with their parents is that they didn’t consider or honor their feelings more as kids. That’s not an issue with an empath. They take on the role of mentor and guide as a parent.

8. They are more concerned with how things feel than how they appear.

Empaths care about having a happy life, not an impressive one. This means that they aren’t going to be upset over materialistic or shallow things as much as others would.

9. They are more willing to change for the better.

Empaths are so connected to the natural energy and emotionality of life that they are intrinsically motivated to grow and continue to work on themselves. If you can do this together as a couple, you’ll both thrive in ways you never could have anticipated before.

10. They are usually more humanistic and tolerant.

Empathetic people are usually kinder and more considerate of others, and end up being more gracious, open and community-driven than others.

11. They can love you better than anyone else.

Nobody can love you the way an empathetic person can. This is because your happiness is their happiness. They can literally feel your joy, and so they are hyper aware of how to give it to you.

12. They care more about a peaceful life than a “successful” life.

For an empath, the greatest form of success is being able to live completely at peace each day. This means that they will be less concerned with what you  have and more concerned with who you are, and how you make them feel.

13. You can connect with them like nobody else.

Empaths can naturally connect with you at a soul-level. You will feel more loved, accepted and desired by them than anyone else you’ve ever been with before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark