This Is What It Means To Be Driven, Because It’s Not About Being Self-Centered Or A Workaholic

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People aren’t born ambitious.

People become ambitious because they hit a crisis point at which they can no longer allow their circumstances to govern their lives.

Life traumatizes us all in different ways, but the road ultimately diverges between the people who keep trying to fight their lives and the ones who realize that they are manifesting the battles.

Being driven means realizing that life is happening for you, not to you. It means understanding that everything is feedback, everything is a mirror.

Once you begin to take responsibility for yourself in this way, you start to see that you were never a victim, you were only allowing your past to dictate how much you’d cap your potential. 

Being driven is no longer letting your potential be controlled by anything other than your conscious habits and active choices. It means not remaining latent. It means believing that things can change, and you are the one who can change them. It means taking a pile of bricks and building a house.

People who aren’t awake yet can’t understand why you’d spend so much time working on your craft, your career, your relationships… why you’d be so committed to growth. In fact, people who are still have an external locus of control interpret other people’s success as a threatening to their own. People who believe in their own inner power see other people’s accomplishments as a reminder of what’s possible, not a threat to it.

That’s what it really means to be driven: it just means you’ve woken up to how much you can do, how much you can change, how much you can create.

Once you get a taste of how much power you do have, you can never unsee it. You can never deny it. You can resist it for a bit, but ultimately you realize that the quality and magnitude of your life is your own responsibility, and the more that you develop your gifts and your talents, the more you are fulfilling your greater purpose – the more you are living in service of others, too.

Driven people have a higher threshold for what they think is possible in their lives. That’s what fuels them to move.

What drives a person is their unwillingness to be driven by the world. What makes them succeed is the amount of control they choose to internalize, and how long they sit idling, waiting until they realize they are the god who can save themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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