6 Signs Your Life Is Going To Defy The Odds And Surprise You With How Good It Gets

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1. You didn’t peak when you were young.

The people who were “cool” in high school try maintain the status quo as adults because they were affirmed for those behaviors. People who weren’t are more inclined to develop themselves further, because they weren’t. What seemed like a curse was a huge, life-changing blessing in disguise.

2. You’re only good at one niche thing.

Studies show that people who graduated at the top of their class don’t end up being as successful as people would assume. In fact, they usually “settle into the system rather than shaking it up.” There are a lot of reasons for this, but one is that they tend to work on being very good at a lot of things, rather than exceptional at one. In the real world, it’s the latter that makes the most impact.

3. You’re a problem-finder.

Some people are naturally more inclined to seek out what’s “wrong” with their lives, and while this can lead to a pessimistic mindset if not used carefully, it can also be the tool with which you identify areas in your life that need improvement, and strategize how you can improve them.

4. You aren’t content with the world’s idea of “success.”

Even if you’ve accomplished things that most people would assume are the markers of having “made it” (maybe having the dream job, being published, finding your soulmate) you don’t consider having made it to the “end goal.” In other words, you don’t blindly accept the world’s standards as your own.

5. You never quite felt like you fit in anywhere.

As they say, if you don’t feel like you belong in this world, it’s because you’re here to help create a new one.

6. You’re uncomfortable.

Comfort is a disease because it is often blind. Sometimes, we are comfortable with abusive relationships, and so we allow them to continue. Sometimes, we are so comfortable with our anxiety that we perpetuate it to have that continued sense of familiarity. Comfort ≠ happiness. People who experience discomfort in their lives tend to become intrinsically motivated to change them. People who are comfortable with mediocrity tend to just find ways to justify it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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