18 Affirmations The World’s Most Successful People Use To Attract And Manifest Exactly What They Want

In the words of Drake: the power of the mind is not a joke.

1. I am _______ .

“I am” is known as the most powerful prayer in the Universe. When you say “I want,” you create the experience of not having. When you say “I am,” you become a magnet to what you desire, because you recognize that your potential to achieve it is latent within you.

2. I am willing to see this change.

Choose one thing in your life that has always been a problem and say: “I am willing to see this change.” By doing this, you immediately dislodge the stagnant energy, and it begins to transform itself. Your willingness to see change is often what initiates it.

3. I am so grateful.

If you can find one thing to be grateful for each day, even if it is as small and simple as having clothing or work, you will find that something extraordinary happens: the more life gives you to be grateful for.

4. What I most struggle with is what I am meant to master.

You do not ever struggle with something – especially not for a long period of time – if it is not something you aren’t meant to overcome in this life. If you’ve had multiple bad relationships, it has been preparing you to choose your soulmate. If you’re fed up with work, it is preparing you to create your own career. You do not struggle with anything that you are not meant to ultimately receive the opposite of.

5. I command every cell within me to release all threads of patterning, habits, disease and karma.

Some people say that your cells are “listening” to you, and in fact, responding to everything you think, say and do.

6. I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance.

This is the opening line of a prayer that some people have cited as bringing them tremendous amounts of wealth and peace.

7. I am infinite potential.

When you acknowledge that your nature is absolute infinite potential, and that you are capable of being kinder, stronger, more peaceful, more abundant, more happy and more successful than you can conceive right now, you start acknowledging that you are more than the limited being your mind perceives.

8. I am releasing unconscious trauma.

When your body stores trauma, it is essentially because something scared you and you never got over that fear. Sometimes you will have to

9. Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.

Sometimes, the journey to overcoming fear or accomplishing your wildest dreams is not pretty or easy or reassuring. Consistently affirm to yourself that you are releasing and moving through the energy that is holding you back, and that you are always moving closer and closer to being your highest and best self.

10. Money is pure energy, and it exists within my mind.

You will be as good with money as you make up your mind to be. You will be as creative in finding ways to make more money as you decide to be. You will receive as much money as you believe you are worthy of receiving.

11. My field of vision is not the limit of my world.

Be willing to receive a resolution that is greater than anything you can possibly imagine. Often when we don’t get what we want, it is because something far better is going to be occurring for us.

12. I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth.

When you extend the “I am” prayer to include knowing what you are in absolute truth, Paul Selig teaches that you detach from the desires of the “small self,” and begin to align with the

13. I am proud of my life, and I am proud of who I am.

One of the best ways to determine whether or not you are living at your fullest potential is whether or not you are proud of something. Being happy to show and share it with the world means that it is truly in alignment.

14. My third eye is a testing ground for me to visualize what feels best for my life. I do not need to be afraid if I don’t get it right the first time.

When we give so much power to our thoughts and feelings, we forget that it is our emotion and passion that fuels us to act and behave a certain way, not that every idea that crosses our minds will magically manifest.

15. My fears are false illusions. What inspires me is the truth.

Whenever fear consumes your mind and it seems as though doom is impending, remember that fear is an illusion, and the truth is what inspires you, gives you hope, or makes you feel at peace. Think of how many times your fears became reality (hardly ever) and how many times your inspirations became reality (every day).

16. I am meant to have everything I desire.

Desires are not random, they are blueprints. They are signals that tell you precisely what you are meant to experience. You will not care deeply about anything you are not ultimately meant for.

17. Achieving what I want to do is effortless, because it is in perfect alignment with who I am.

When you recognize that excessive effort, pain or stress is a signal that you are not quite on the right path, you free yourself from the illusion that you simply must work harder to relieve yourself of this discomfort.

18. I create from right now.

The past is absolved in this moment, and the future is created in this moment. Both of them are illusions in this moment, because all that exists is the infinite now. Present action is the only way to create ripples of transformation and change within your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark