How Each Of The 8 ‘Abundance Archetypes’ Subconsciously Limits Their Own Success

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The abundance archetypes are a set of personality types that refer to how different people relate to their personal success. Everyone has an inherent set of beliefs, ideas and behaviors that subconsciously create how they earn, spend and feel about their financial lives. Though the abundance archetypes apply to so much more than finances, they are sometimes also called the “sacred money archetypes” for this reason.

One of the main points of identifying which archetype you are is to release yourself from the subconscious ways you’re limiting your potential. There are a whole host of reasons that people keep themselves in lack and struggle, and recognizing which way you limit yourself is ultimately how you free yourself for good.

1. The Ruler

You are: Someone who uses money as a measuring stick for worth. You are driven to do things on a large scale, whether that’s start your own business, engineer some new technology, start a new website, etc. Your growth potential is inherently unlocked – you know that you are capable of anything… and that’s what sometimes gets you in trouble.

How you subconsciously limit yourself: You’re not monitoring your “why.” In realizing that you have an unlimited potential to create abundance on whatever path you’re currently on, you can sometimes think of your own good over the needs and desires of others.

2. The Romantic

You are: Someone who uses money to feel good. You love to go out to eat, purchase clothes that make you feel amazing, spoil the people you love, and generally use money to facilitate your best life. Because you only see finances as a means to an end, you can sometimes err toward being irresponsible with it, racking up debt quickly and justifying the things you buy when you are somewhat aware that you’re only doing it to feel better.

How you subconsciously limit yourself: You’ve too deeply tied your identity into your money. You have forgotten that you do not need more things to live a happy life, even if having those things is nice sometimes. You may be secretly using them to prove your worth, or hide your insecurity.

3. The Alchemist

You are: Someone who feels deeply called to raise collective consciousness. You believe your purpose in life is to help people in some way, and you most likely have that purpose interconnected with your career and livelihood. This is where things can get tricky for you: it is your divine calling to inspire, help and heal others, and you know that money doesn’t matter in the end. However, you also need to survive… and after a while, you recognize that you would also like to thrive.

How you subconsciously limit yourself: You forget that money is not inherently evil, rather, how some people use it for power and control is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting compensated for what you give to the world. You don’t need to suffer or just get by to deserve what you have.

4. The Accumulator

You are: Someone who seems great with money on the surface, but also someone who often struggles with a deep fear of loss, lack or failure. You are someone who doesn’t mind routine – in fact, you prefer it. You are not a risk taker, and you’re okay with that. In your mind, building your career over time is the safest and best option available.

How you subconsciously limit yourself: You confuse being safe for being happy. You think that taking risks means that you will put yourself in some kind of danger or loss, when in reality, you sometimes have to just sacrifice the feeling of certainty for something a lot more meaningful. It’s only scary at first.

5. The Nurturer

You are: Someone who gives everything they have to everyone they care about (or don’t). You are someone who – regardless of profession – feels called to care for others in any way you can. Financially speaking, you are the head of the household (or you aspire to be). You want to take care of everyone around you and make sure that everyone is fed, housed, clothed and content… sometimes to the detriment of your own wellbeing.

How you subconsciously limit yourself: You enable others to rely on you too much, and you do this because you want to feel needed. Deep down, this creates a feeling of purpose and safety for you. What you don’t realize is that there’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, too… if not taking care of yourself first.

6. The Connector

You are: Someone who feels called to build relationships with others and truly create community. For you, life is about people, and money is an afterthought. The essence of life is about who you are with, not how much you make doing whatever you do, and you would happily accept whatever earnings you could muster in exchange for doing something deeply meaningful. You crave freedom, adventure and travel.

How you subconsciously limit yourself: You are too trusting with other people to the point that you lack discernment. You have to be conscious of being savvy and responsible on your own. Not everyone has as much honesty and faith as you do.

7. The Celebrity

You are: Someone who shows their money. You like to treat yourself with nice things, particularly ones that others can identify as being expensive or exclusive. You will invest in the latest model of a car, the house of your dreams, and so on. You are charming, talented and often the center of the party. You thrive when you’re living large. The bigger, the better for you.

How you subconsciously limit yourself: You don’t know your limits, and you can easily lose sight of what really matters in life. When you’re constantly chasing the next thing on the checklist (be it an item, or an accomplishment) you pursue a moving target. Nothing ever feels like enough because, like an addict, you’re constantly seeking the next high.

8. The Maverick

You are: Someone who rejects norms in principle. You are a rebel at heart. You are someone who wants to create a life for themselves, one that feels authentic and original and aligned with your own beliefs. You are swift with money, and you’re not a spendthrift. You value money for the freedom it gives you, but not much more than that. You could live without all the flashy symbols if it meant your days were your own.

How you subconsciously limit yourself: It might take you longer than others to get serious about your responsibilities. You can err toward being a little too carefree, and not seriously consider the consequences of caring about things like your credit score or savings account. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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