10 Reasons Why Old Souls Experience So Much Resistance When They Start To Get What They Want


Resistance” is a word used in psychology to explain paradoxical or opposing behaviors. It’s when we reject what we want most, or avoid doing things that will bring us closer to what we really, deeply desire. There are a whole host of reasons why this happens, and old souls fall victim to them more than anybody else.

Old souls are sensitive, hyper self-aware, intuitive and, well, experienced. They’ve been through a lot, and that’s what’s made them who they are. It also makes them skeptical of their ego, conditioned to find comfort in how they suffer, drawn to things that need “fixing,” and of course, simply prone to overthinking. These things all lead to them experiencing a lot of resistance when they start to get what they want from life.

1. They’re waiting for the catch.

Old souls aren’t used to just getting what they want. They are used to the struggle, to the longing, to the wanting – that’s what’s made them such developed people. So when the season of “having” eventually comes along, they can be resistant to it just because they aren’t used to it.

2. They think: “Who am I to deserve all of this?”

Old souls are remarkable in that they are above a lot of ego bullshit. In fact, doing anything from the ego feels distinctly uncomfortable to them, and so they’ll resist too much success before they realize that their mindset was the only thing holding them back. Who aren’t they to deserve it all?

3. They are attached to their problems.

This sounds harsh, but is actually very common: people become addicted to the very things they say they want to “get over” for a multitude of reasons (that’s why they can’t just “get over” them). It gives them a sense of purpose, identity, inspiration… you name it. If you’re too attached to the problem, you’re never going to find the solution.

4. They’re natural born healers, and their focus naturally gravitates toward what needs to be fixed next.

Old souls are restless when it comes to self-development, and will always be focused on the “next thing.” Getting what they “want” isn’t even really the objective for them, it’s about who they become in the process.

5. They try to hold themselves back to keep themselves safe.

The biggest obstacle in an old soul’s way in themselves. They are distinctly more sensitive and emotional than other people typically are, and will therefore go to greater lengths to shield themselves from potential criticism or pain (even if that means sacrificing their dreams in the process).

6. Sometimes, success doesn’t come the way they think it will.

Old souls know, at this point, that the point is not what you get, it’s what you give, and that life is a process of development and growth, not chasing a goal and then settling. While this mindset is great, it also leaves them susceptible to not being able to enjoy their lives as much.

7. They overthink it.

They fear that they’ll lose whatever it is they love (the job, the relationship) and keep themselves in an anxious state of limbo so they don’t get caught of guard. They imagine all the ways that it won’t be as good as they think, or why they’re failing and don’t realize. Old souls have active imaginations, and they flare up negatively now and again.

8. They’re not comfortable with happiness.

People don’t chase happiness, they chase comfort. People don’t even know the difference, that’s why they stay in relationships that are bad for them, or get everything they’ve ever dreamt of and then still feel miserable. Whatever you become comfortable with becomes your destiny.

9. They crave the feeling of “overcoming” something. 

As Joe Rogan says, our natural disposition is to want conflict, resolution and growth… not static happiness. We crave and lust for the feeling of “overcoming” something, not for actually having it.


10. They’d rather be loved than successful.

A lot of people fall victim to the illusion that you can either be loved, or you can be a success story. Think about how the world treats famous people. Leaders with profound or new messages were often crucified (sometimes literally).

This fear is deeply embedded within our subconscious, and results in a lot of our resistance. However, it’s a tool of the ego. You can have both. You won’t die from embracing your success. You won’t have to be a martyr for your craft. You just have to get out of your own way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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