15 Things You’ll Understand If You Feel Totally Out Of Touch With This Generation

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1. You understand the beauty of dating apps in concept, but the idea of selecting a partner in the same way you’d order dinner online seems less than ideal.

2. In fact, you secretly resent the whole concept of “casual dating” in general, because there are very, very few circumstances in which all parties actually think the situation is “casual.”

3. You’re angry about how people seem to be so opposed to committing to one another, and rightfully so. The idea that someone would prefer to just “have their options open” for a few more years as opposed to building a real relationship with that time is just kind of gross.

4. You stay on social media because yeah, it’s a way to connect with people and it’s fun, but you often can’t help but think about how different your life would be if you weren’t doing everything in front of an audience.

5. You’d rather spend your 20s working on yourself and building something meaningful as opposed to just trying to prove that you’re having the most fun ever, ever, ever.

6. While you’re aware that things are not the way they were for our parents’ or grandparents’, you choose not to focus on how “unfair” it is that we have debt and steeper costs of living, and instead work on being able to facilitate a decent life for yourself no matter what it takes.

7. It seems like some people just lack the chip in their brain to be able to tell when something is clearly in the realm of “oversharing,” thus leaving the rest of us to scroll through endless streams of family pictures, political arguments and random updates.

8. Your primary desire is not for Steve Jobs levels of success, productivity or wealth, but more about love, family and joy in whatever you do, despite how few people seem to actually want those things anymore.

9. You resent how absolutely imperative the Internet has become to, uh, functioning in general.

10. You value the quality, not the quantity, of your romantic relationships.

11. You don’t actually want to spend your 20s being a fun-loving mess, and would prefer to work on creating a real life for yourself, but you often feel like the only one who doesn’t want to waste another night in a sticky bar of strangers.

12. You fall somewhere in the no-man’s-land between “marriage” and “backpacking around the world,” though it seems everyone else falls into one of those two extremes after school.

13. You believe you have to work hard for what you have, and generally dislike anyone who assumes otherwise.

14. You wish people would work on themselves as much as they work on how they appear to other people.

15. You feel like an old soul stuck in the wrong generation, and you honestly look forward to the days when you’re later in life, and things are a little more settled and secure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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