Derrick Freske

14 Of The Most Powerfully Hot Qualities People Can Have

1. A strong sense of self. An undeniably sound understanding of who they are and the confidence and charisma to express that without fear of what other people may sum it up to mean.

2. A physical appearance that’s more themselves than it is a syndicated version of some idealistic beauty that they saw somewhere, or that they were built to believe is what being attractive means. The most beautiful people are the ones who are more unapologetically themselves than they are a copy of someone else.

3. Being unafraid to say what they think, but being able to express such opinions with social grace and the knowledge that their opinion is not the only one that is valid, or that matters.

4. Being capable, not only of the little things, like how to drive stick or file taxes, but also of supporting themselves, leading healthy lives, communicating effectively, etc.

5. Having a genuinely healthy glow about them.

6. A body that’s able. It’s not about a size or muscle mass or a number on the scale, it’s how people carry themselves, how they use their bodies to aide them in experiencing different things rather than seeing it as an enemy that debilitates them just by being as it is.

7. Being open to the possibilities. Understanding that their lives can be more than a summation of the principles and decisions they stick to. The best things tend to happen unexpectedly, and are often not even considered. To embrace them, you have to be open to their possibility.

8. Having confidence in their decisions. Confident that they can deal with a situation if their decision turns out to be the wrong one. And thus…

9. Also having confidence in admitting when they are wrong. There is nothing I admire more than someone who can genuinely and wholeheartedly admit that they misjudged, or did something wrong, and can do so with the acknowledgment that they have learned from it, and that they owe it to themselves and to other people to be honest about it.

10. Frequently responding with some smart ass comebacks.

11. An unmistakable presence that fills up a room. There are just some people who have that uncanny ability to bring a certain something to any social situation. It’s mesmerizing.

12. Having stories to tell, great, genuinely funny stories, that don’t drag on and can entertain a crowd, and a manner of telling them that’s remarkably unique.

13. A sense of humility. It’s the difference between an awesome person and a not-so-awesome person: how much they acknowledge said awesomeness as something to be used against people.

14. A sense of awareness. The recognition that they don’t know it all– and probably will never. The knowledge that there are concepts and social faux pas and ideologies and theories that they may very well not know about, and that their frame of mind is not the only reality that exists. Someone who is like this can be open to seeing inside your mind as well, and if there’s anything that’s hot, it’s someone who is attuned to your needs and wants and ideas as well as they are their own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark